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   Chapter 234 A Sudden Sense Of Guilt

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6965

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Although it was difficult to climb to the temple, it was undeniable that the scenery here was also unparalleled. As the saying went, if one stood high and looked far, one could enjoy the magnificent prospect. This was the highest mountain nearby, and the best view was when you overlook the surroundings.

The scenery here was beautiful and this place had not been developed, so it was still in a natural state. There were many small trees, which was a desirable place for dating. There were often a large group of students here, holding their hands shyly. Although they were in the same school, it seemed that they hadn't been in a serious relationship before.

Sunny would never let go of such a chance to be alone with her beloved man, so she invited first.

"The environment here is so good, and we are not in a hurry to go home. How about we take a walk here?"

She was a woman who knew how to fight for herself.


Joseph gradually got used to being passive on these matters. It was easy to meet most of Sunny's requirements, so he wouldn't refuse any of her suggestions normally.

"Sunny, would you like something to eat? I saw candied haw berries and eggs just now. I'll buy some for you."

The vender's voice was so loud that it was hard for him not to hear it. They left early in the morning and only had a light meal at home.

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry. Besides, it's very expensive here. It's several times more expensive than usual. It's not worth it."

Sunny didn't lack food and clothing at ordinary times, and the money given by her family was also enough every time. The reason why she was so thrifty was that she gave some money to support Joseph who had difficulty in his family, and the other small part was spent on herself. If Joseph wanted to buy something for her, she would either not let him buy it, or choose the cheapest one. She was afraid that he would spend money on it, and that he would have pressure when he was with her.

"Are you hungry? If you are hungry, I will buy it for you."

Sunny was generous to Joseph. She was a

or did he want to hurt her.


Joseph listened to Sunny's orders mechanically and his mind went blank.

It was indeed Celia. Besides, there was a thin boy sitting next to her. Joseph couldn't see his face clearly. Did Celia have a boyfriend?

At this moment, Joseph had one hundred questions in his mind. He wanted to know whether Celia was doing well or not. He wanted to know how she got into the No. 1 high school by herself. He wanted to know which university she would apply for after the college entrance examination. But how could he ask her these questions? Part of her hard times were caused by him. If he had been brave enough to help her clarify the situation, she would have lived a better life.

Looking at the beautiful Celia not far away, Joseph's feelings gradually spread. She was still so thin, which made people feel pity for her. He couldn't help but want to protect her. Her side face was perfect, which was enough to make people fall in love with her. In the past few years, Celia was even more beautiful than before. Her beauty used to belong to him, but now he could watch her from a distance.

There were mixed feelings in Joseph's heart. He felt dejected and disappointed, as if he had lost a whole world. If there was another chance, even if he couldn't get into the University and was scolded by his family, he would never leave Celia behind.

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