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   Chapter 233 Make A Wish

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Sunny and Joseph were the first to climb to the temple to pray. Sunny didn't say a word to her uncles. She thought that they were all ignorant, so she couldn't communicate with them, nor did she want to be with them.

In particular, Maggie, who always wanted to find a good husband to change her fate. And Sunny thought that it was ridiculous. Maggie didn't work hard and always wanted to find a college student as her boyfriend. She didn't have a clear estimation of herself. How could a college student fall in love with such a woman like her? Moreover, if Sunny let Maggie stay with her, what if she fell in love with her man? It was not worth it. So she could only try to stay away from Maggie.

"Thank you for helping me all the way, Joseph. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have climbed up so quickly."

Just now, in order to leave Maggie behind, Sunny walked fast on purpose. She didn't want to be with Maggie, and she didn't want to be with her uncles and aunts either. She didn't expect that Joseph was so considerate all the way. He held her hand all the time. On a steep slope, he would hold her hand in front of her to give some strength, or she wouldn't have climbed up so soon.

"You are welcome. That's what I should do."

Joseph wiped the sweat off his face. Sunny had been very good and considerate to him over the years. What he had done was less than 1/10 of what she had done for him, but even so, Sunny still looked very satisfied.

They were in a relationship. At Sunny's requests, he came to visit her parents. They were close, but just didn't have the marriage certificate yet. But Joseph always felt uncomfortable. They were a couple in love, but it seemed that they were a little too polite to each other. He even didn't like the feeling that they treated each other as outsiders.

"Let's make a wish."

At the beginning, Sunny always believed that Joseph must be promising in the future, so she use that kind of dirty mean

k you. You have been taking good care of me all the time. And you don't have to be so polite and cautious in front of me. Otherwise, it seems that we are two strangers. By the way, what's your wish?"

This was the problem between the two of them. They had been together for so many years, and their relationship was not bad, but something was wrong. There was no special intimacy and connections between them. He didn't know what Sunny was thinking. In a word, he had always felt something wrong in his heart, but he didn't say it out. He was afraid that others would think he was ungrateful.

"I made two wishes. The first one is that we two can have a successful academic performance and find a good job after graduation. The second one is that we two can get married after graduation and I formally become your wife."

Sunny was a little embarrassed when she said her last wish, but this was what she had always wanted. She hoped that it could be realized as soon as possible after graduation.

"It is said that the Bodhisattva here is great, and the wishes we have made will definitely be heard by the Bodhisattva."

Joseph took a look at the temple behind him. If the Bodhisattva really had spiritual energy, then his last wish must be realized, which even more important than his first wish.

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