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   Chapter 232 Maggie's Complaint

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Jane had been very angry with Celia being with a boy alone. On one hand, she was afraid that someone would see them, which was bad for Celia's reputation. On the other hand, she thought that Sharon was already an excellent man for Celia. Only when Sharon and Celia were together could they be called a perfect match.

The girls from the countryside must be eager to marry Hardy. Even so, Jane still felt that Hardy didn't deserve Celia. It wasn't that she disliked Hardy, but just that things didn't seem right when Celia and Hardy were together. Hardy was shy like a girl while Celia acted like a boy.

Compared with Hardy, Wendy was in favor of Sharon. He could protect her daughter better. She liked the one who could treat Celia better and could make Celia live a comfortable life.

It was time for her to get rid of the old concept. In the past, the women preferred to marry to the men who was living closer to their hometown. And Wendy had learned her lesson. At that time, she had married her husband who was close to her mother's family, but her life was still so miserable. Therefore, if Celia got married, although she didn't want Celia to leave her, she would never have such prejudice. She could not make her daughter repeat the same mistake.

When it came to choosing a boyfriend for Celia, Jane and Celia reached a agreement.

"The wishing pool is famous here. Let's go to have a look and let the children study hard here. We won't disturb them. Wendy, what do you think?"

Jane said. It was a good chance for them to stay alone, but Cora's silly son had spent all his time studying. Celia would be fine if she stayed with this nerd. Jane was very relieved now.

"Well, of course we have to go to the wishing pool after we come here. Let's make a wish again, and then give away some money to the temple to buy more incenses, so that there are more and more people coming to the JS Mountain."

Wendy didn't worry anymore. Hardy would never be able to win Celia's heart in his life. He'd better study hard.

"Well, I'll go with you. Let the children study here at ease. We'll c

dmit that Sunny was really outstanding, which was totally different from Maggie. Looking at Sunny's back, Denies was a little angry and disgusted with her daughter.

"She climbed so fast because of Joseph's help. Otherwise, she wouldn't have gone up so soon. Hum, it's really immoral for them to hold each other closely in public. Shameless. Aren't they afraid that the Bodhisattva will be angry with them?"

Maggie also had some problems with Sunny. She was a good judge of character. She knew that Joseph was a potential man, and he and Sunny really went to college together. And Sue was really happy for them. She thought that she was close to Sunny, but since Sunny went to college, they had drifted apart.

At first, she thought that Sunny had known a lot of people in the University and was knowledgeable. Her classmates and friends were all college students. At that time, Sunny would be able to introduce a college student to herself, so that her fate would change. Maggie thought that she could also find a college student as her boyfriend like Sunny did. As long as she hooked up with a college student, no one would dare to bully her in the future. But Sunny didn't even talk to Maggie when she came back, and it seemed that she had completely forgotten what she had said before.

Thinking of this, Maggie got angry. How could Sunny look down upon others after she went to college?

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