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   Chapter 230 An Encounter In The Mountain

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There were many steep roads, and some even had no roads. However, with so many people stepping on it, it became a path.

Celia was so tired that she was a little out of breath. Climbing the mountain was not her thing.

"Can we have a rest?"

In the cold winter, Celia felt that her face was sweating non-stop. The mountain were too steep, and her legs were sore. When she saw the endless mountain, she felt exhausted.

"Celia, hold on. It's not early now. We'd better hurry up to pray for the Bodhisattva. Although we can't be the first one to go there, we can't be the last one. I'll let you have a good rest later."

The adults were in high spirits and didn't say that they were tired. Climbing the mountain was just a piece of cake for them. Especially when they worship the Buddha, they were not tired at all. On the contrary, they were full of energy.

Knowing that there was no hope for her to rest, Celia exerted all her strength and climbed to the top of the mountain. When she stood on the top of the mountain, she felt that she was about to collapse. However, when the wind blew and she looked down at the whole land in front of her, she felt good. It was the first time she had climbed a mountain in this world.


She just kowtowed and made a wish to the Bodhisattva. She said she wanted to have a look, but she came to this somewhat remote place. Someone called her name. She turned back and almost laughed. It was no other than the son of the village head, Hardy.

But why was he reading and doing homework here? He was really a nerd, so she couldn't help laughing.

"Hardy, it is you. Why are you here?"

There were few pedestrians here. Hardy sat here doing his homework quietly. It seemed that he had been here for a while.

"My mother insisted on dragging me here in the early morning."

Seeing that Celia, Hardy was still nervous and even embarrassed. He touched his head bef

how about you have a talk with him about your study?"

Hardy loved study was a good thing. As long as he stayed at home, he would choose to study at night all. But it was not a good thing if he was too anxious. He was too nervous and stressed, and their parents also felt sorry for him, but they couldn't help him read the book.

Although they couldn't do anything about it, they thought that Celia should have a learning method. Otherwise, how could she learn by herself? With such an excellent academic performance, there must be a learning method. As long as she taught this learning method to her son, it would definitely solved her son's problem.

"Auntie, the knowledge in this book is the same. In terms of study, Hardy is definitely a hundred times better than me. I think he is just too nervous."

She was not God. How could she really have a way to improve Hardy's study performance.

Celia didn't think that she was that powerful.

"Anyway, it's better for you to have a discussion with him. It's better than him being alone there."

Cora could only rely on Celia. Celia symbolized with all the parents in the world. Although she understood, she really didn't have such a powerful learning method to improve Hardy's study. She was just an ordinary person.

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