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   Chapter 229 Worship The Bodhisattva

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The next morning, Celia went up the mountain with sincerity as her family members kept persuading her.

The Bodhisattva on the JS Mountain was well-known in the village. It was the Spring Festival. On the third day of the lunar new year, they were supposed to go to their mother-in-law's house, but today was the birthday of the Bodhisattva, so they all climbed to the top of the mountain and worshiped the Bodhisattva.

Not only the villagers nearby would go to the mountain to pray, but also the people in the city would come here early. The Bodhisattva here was said to be really spiritual. People who wanted to pray for their marriage, study, wealth, health and safety would come here to worship the Bodhisattva devoutly.

Zack was no exception. He got up before dawn. Moreover, yesterday when he said he wanted to go to the temple, Jane and Wendy immediately bought paper, firecrackers, and good incense, which were necessary items. Of course, the most important thing their sincerity.

"Uncle, don't be so dramatic. It's still early in the morning."

They had breakfast at home, but it was still early in the morning when they went out.

Celia had been to a temple in her previous life, but she didn't get up so early.

"We are not exaggerating. Some people set out from at night yesterday and waited until twelve o'clock in the morning to burn incense and set off the firecrackers. It's too late for us to climb up the mountain now."

Said Zack.

"But although we are not the first one who light the incense and went there a little late, we are absolutely sincere. The Bodhisattva can absolutely understand."

Said Wendy.

"Yes, the Bodhisattva will bless Celia to enter a good university. At that time, we will definitely come here again."

The local custom was to make a wish for the Bodhisattva. If the wish was fulfilled, then they would definitely come back to the temple. No matter how far away, they had to show their sincerity.

"Since I went to the temple and pray, does it mean that I don't need to study anymore when I go home?"

If she didn't work hard but to beg the Bodhisat

t since he came to worship the Bodhisattva, he miraculously cured now. It's of course because of Bodhisattva. What's more, there are also some people who want to take the entrance examination. Did you see that some people have the red rope with them?"

Zack asked. Along the way, many people had red satin in their hands, but not everyone had it.

Celia didn't know the reason and was about to ask.

"These people with the red rope in their hands are all radiant with joy, which means that all their previous wishes have been fulfilled. Now they are here to express their gratitude to the Bodhisattva. Thank you for her blessing."

Hearing Zack's explanation, Celia thought it was ridiculous and unbelievable, but she could not refute. There were many things in the world that could not be explained.

"Well, uncle, it seems that I really have to kowtow to the Bodhisattva later. Please bless our health."

If there was really any wish that she wanted to achieve, her family's health was her biggest concern. As for the entrance exam, she would rely on her own strength to enter a good university.

"Celia, we are here to pray for the success of your college entrance examination. We don't pray for it for ourselves."

The college entrance examination was approaching. What they hoped the most was that Celia could have a great performance.

"That's fine. You pray for me, and I pray for you."

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