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   Chapter 228 Praying By Burning Incense

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6181

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"Delicious? Then why didn't you enjoy your food and talk nonsense here? As a man, why did you gossip about others? First of all, no matter whether Sharon's girlfriend is from the countryside or not, as long as he likes it, we will have no objection. If she is really Sharon's wife in the future, how do you face her by then?"

Dixon's words made Rufus speechless. He was right. If Sharon was determined to marry a girl from the countryside, and if she knows that he disliked her so much, then he would become her enemy. He had grown up with Sharon, and he knew his cousin's temper.

Rufus had planned to take advantage of this to damage Sharon's image, but Dixon and others didn't buy it at all. Instead, he was scolded by them.

Although the Qin family had a high reputation in the capital, it didn't mean anything. Now it was not the ancient time, and it was a civilized society. Everyone was equal. Moreover, the three generations of the Qin family were not born to enjoy the honor. They had to rely on their own efforts. More generations of the Qin family were from the countryside.

Dixon was an open-minded old man. As long as the child liked, he would definitely support him with hesitation. Now it was not popular to arrange a marriage, and young people preferred free love.

As long as a girl's family was decent and she was a good girl, it didn't matter if she was poor. Since Sharon loved her so much, this girl must have something special.

After coming back home, Rose had a lot of things on her mind. Sharon was her sweetheart, who had been ambitious and excellent since childhood. But she was really worried about what Rufus said today. After all, her son had no experience in this respect. What if he was really cheated? She was worried.

"I have to prepare something today. Tomorrow we will go to the army to visit the lead

how could she not be there?

"I want to go with you. I also want to cheer Celia for the college entrance examination!"

Of course, Jane wanted to be a part of it.

"Celia, what about you?"

Zack knew that as long as he said that he was praying for Celia, Wendy and Jane would definitely go together.

"Uncle, I know it's not good to say that, but it's too superstitious. It's so hard to climb the mountain. Let's have a good rest at home. How about this? When we go to the city, I will study hard, and it will be much more useful than your prayer."

It was too superstitious, but Celia didn't say it so bluntly. Many people didn't really believe it. Most of them just wanted to seek comfort from the bottom of their hearts. Not to mention people in this era, even in her previous life, there were many people who would burn incense to pray. If their wish was fulfilled, they would come to the temple again.

"Bah, bah, bah! Celia, don't say that. Don't let the Bodhisattva hear such disrespectful words. If we go to pray with sincerity, the Bodhisattva would be moved by us and fulfill our wishes."

Said Jane.

"Celia, aunt is right!"

They respected and honored the Bodhisattva from the bottom of their hearts.

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