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   Chapter 227 A Girl From The Countryside

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"Grandpa, why are you so angry? I'll tell you, okay?"

Seeing the unhappy look on Dixon's face, Rufus didn't dare to provoke him. If he really pissed him off, Rufus would be in big trouble.

"Cut the crap! Otherwise, I'll kick you out during the Spring Festival!"

Dixon couldn't wait to know how his eldest grandson was in the army. Now he could only hear some hearsay. After all, they really didn't know anything if Sharon was unwilling to tell them.

"I've heard that too. It's said that Sharon has made a mistake and was exiled to the countryside..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Dixon interrupted him, "I've told you one hundred times. He didn't made mistakes. He just want to the countryside for learning. Only when you really get close to the masses can you really know the hardships of the people and do better for the people. I've emphasized so many times. If you dare to talk nonsense again, you do one hundred push ups outside before you come in."

"Okay, okay, okay. It's not a mistake. It's a study. Grandpa, do you still want to hear it or not?"

Dixon was the authority of the family, and no one dared to provoke him, except for the fearless Sharon.

"Cut the crap! Go on!"

Dixon just correct Rufus just now. He didn't allow anyone to speak ill of his dear grandson.

"Okay, then listen carefully. I heard that Sharon met a girl from the countryside when he was studying in the countryside. They have been in a relationship for a long time. The people in the army call her sister-in-law. I'm afraid this is settled. Grandpa, I guess you are going to have a great grandson soon!"

As soon as Rufus finished his words, the noisy room suddenly went silent. It was so quiet that even a needle dropping from the ground could be heard.

"What? Rufus, are you sure the news is true?"

The first one to break the silence was Sharon's mother, Rose. Although she had a son as old

you. I think it's normal for your cousin to fall in love with someone. After all, he's old enough and we can accept that he has a girlfriend. What's wrong with country girls? They grew up in a loving environment like our family. By then, I'll treat everyone to wedding candies."

Rose didn't show any dissatisfaction. She had done her best to hide her embarrassment. This was her family affairs. When she went back, she would call her son and ask him. Now she was also curious about her son's taste.

"Auntie, I know you all love Sharon, but with our family's status in the capital city, how many girls want to be your daughter-in-law? As long as you agree, there will be many of them. Why do you find a girl from the countryside? We don't know her background. What if she come for the money?"

If Rufus didn't make a fuss about this matter today, he would definitely not give up easily. Seeing that Dixon ignored him, Rufus turned around and said to Rose.

"Rufus, do you think the food your grandmother cooked today is not delicious? If it's not yummy, I think you shouldn't attend the next family gathering."

There was some sort of threat and warning in Dixon's eyes.

"Grandpa, it's delicious!"

Rufus said, eating the rice in his bowl with a pitiful look.

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