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   Chapter 226 The Gossip Of The Qin Family

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6866

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The Tang family had a hard time this year under the disturbance of their daughter-in-law. If Sunny hadn't intervened, they would have had a turmoil.

In Zack's house, the new year had been a mess because of Jade's arrival. Fortunately, with the comfort of Celia, Zack was in a better mood.

"Here is the red envelope for you. I wish you good health and make a great fortune. Our family will be together forever."

This was the red envelope that Celia had prepared in advance. Now the atmosphere at home was a little depressed, and it was a good time to take it out.

"Did you prepare it for us?"

Jane didn't want to take the red envelope. Every family would give a red envelope to their children during the Spring Festival to celebrate. It should be them who gave Celia a red envelope. They had completely forgotten about it. Besides, it was not reasonable for a child to give red envelope to an adult.

"That's right, auntie. You can take it. I mean, it's not a big deal."

Celia said. Besides, she was making money now and had the strength to do so.

"Celia, but we didn't prepare it for you."

Celia was the most considerate And thoughtful. To their surprise, she had even prepared the red envelope for them.

"We are a family. You don't have to care about those trifles. Besides, I've grown up. On this good day of the new year, you can't refuse my kindness."

Normally, the red envelope of an ordinary family was usually five or ten dollars, and the biggest one was one hundred dollars. They were not as rich as Celia. The red envelope contained five hundred dollars. Celia had three red envelopes and spent a total of one thousand and five hundred dollars. There should be no girl in the world who was more generous than her.

The three of them were deeply touched by Celia's words, especially Wendy. She had never expected that she would have five hundred dollars in her hands in the past. She had never seen or touched so much money in the Tang family in her life. Her daughter was now promising. Even if she died at this momen


Both of them were the grandsons of the Qin family. The treatment was so different. He hadn't seen his grandparents nagging him like that before the Spring Festival. As long as Sharon was not at home, Dixon always talked about him. It was not because he was jealous, but it was also because Dixon was too partial. He couldn't help but feel envy. It was fine that he was often compared with Sharon. But it was the Spring Festival, and he couldn't have a good meal.

"Rufus, what do you mean?"

Rufus seems to know something. Of course Dove won't miss any chance to know about my grandson.

"Grandma, I don't know if I can tell you. I'm just afraid that if what I said is not true, if it's a rumor, then when Sharon comes back, he will have to fight with me."

Rufus tantalized everyone, but he didn't want to tell them.

"You brat, when did you become so calm? If you want to say it, just say it. If you don't want to say it, just eat your food."

Said Dixon. Anyway, if Rufus didn't tell them anything about Sharon, he couldn't keep the secrets to himself for one minute. If they really wanted to know something about Sharon, they could go to the training ground or make a phone call. Dixon Qin didn't do these things because he didn't want to disturb Sharon's training and work at the training ground and wanted to avoid unnecessary impact on him.

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