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   Chapter 224 Divorce

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Sue, on the other hand, wanted to boast of Celia's performance. No matter what, blood is thicker than water. Her son's daughter was admitted to the No. 1 high school in the city, which was a huge event. However, Sue hadn't treated her and her mother well since childhood. She was afraid that they would hate her very much now.

"I won't take her back. Sunny, you don't know that she is no longer the former Celia. She is very tough now."

Sue knew that she had made a mistake. Now that Celia was living a good life, it was impossible for her to recognize her as her grandmother.

"Grandma, no matter how powerful she is, she is still your granddaughter. Are you going to ignore her for the rest of your life? What will the outsiders think of you while they are living in Zack's? People would misunderstand that you really mistreated them and drove them away. I'll talk to her in person."

Sunny looked considerate and nice.

Joseph heard the conversation clearly outside the room.

Since he left the village and went to college, he really had no contact with Celia. So when he heard that she was admitted to the No. 1 High School of the city, he was also shocked. At that time, Celia would take the college entrance examination and she would also be a college student.

Alas, fate sometime play cruel tricks on people. Back then, he fell in love with Celia at the first sight. They loved each other, but Sunny intervened.

Sunny looked fine, but Celia was more delicate and beautiful, which made people want to get close to her and protect her.

However, it was a buried memory for Joseph. It was known to all that he was dating with Sunny. If things went well, they would get married after graduation.

He couldn't get too close to other women. Sunny was very strict with him in this respect, so even if he really couldn't forget Celia, he c

ve man. Otherwise, he would not hand over all his hard-earned money to Sue every time he came back from work. Denies was able to read and manage her husband's property as a wife. Why did Sue take away the money every time? She didn't want to put up with it anymore.

"Wade is our nephew. If he go to the college in the future, we will also benefit from it."

Wood felt that they were a family. Since they didn't have enough money, he could support Wade to go to school. After all, it was a honor for the family.

"Nephew? Bah! Wood, don't forget that Maggie is your biological daughter. You should more or less think for our daughter, shouldn't you? What's more, do you know how Lucy treat us? Have they ever appreciated your help? The answer is No. they don't appreciate it. On the contrary, they take it for granted. Let me tell you, if you don't hand in your money to me, we will divorce."

Denies was also frightened by what she said, but if she didn't act more overbearingly, she was afraid that one day she would end up as miserable as Wendy.

"What? Divorce? Denies, are you crazy? Or do you have someone else when I'm not at home for more than half a year?"

Obviously, Wood Tang was also shocked by his wife's words.

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