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   Chapter 222 Maggie

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Zack was furious at his own sister, but he was in a better mood because of Celia's words. The four of them were rather happy to have the family reunion meal. However, the dishes were too much, so they didn't finish it.

Meanwhile, the news that Zack's sister came to visit his home was widely spread.

"Zack, your sister has got a large fortune now. Look at her!"

"I agree with you. She has to find a reliable man and live a rich life. She will make great money in her whole life. Look at that car! How much is it?"

"I heard that Zack's sister came back to ask Celia to go on a blind date!"

"It's so lucky to have such relatives. If Celia could be lucky enough to marry a rich man like Jane, she would lead a good life in the future."

Villagers ate the melon seeds while chatting. They seemed to be very interested in this matter and began to gossip.

"It doesn't matter even if you have a good relative. The key is that Celia has her own strengths. If Celia is that beautiful, how can her aunt be so enthusiastic about this matter? It is said that they haven't contacted each other for years. Now they come back just for the marriage of Celia."


The villagers seemed to be always interested in other people's family affairs. A group of women gathered together and kept talking.

After all, every woman in this world would be gossiped if she had such a rich relative. Most women were envious. They felt unfair that they were not lucky enough.

The new year hadn't been ruined by Jade. Since Celia was such a talkative girl, everyone had a big smile on their face.

At the same time, in the D Village, in the Tang family, they were extremely happy that Sue's daughter, Mindy, would come back to celebrate the Spring Festival with them.

In Sue's life, the most proud thing was that she gave birth to a good daughter. Not only did her daughter marry a good h

of Sunny, and had stood on the same side with Maggie to bully Celia. Maggie was a bit stupid, although Sunny didn't like her, she didn't hate her at all.

"She is fooling around at home all day. I don't think she has anything important to tell you. It's just a waste of your time. Don't mind her. We two can have a good chat. Unlike in the city, I don't know if you're accustomed to the food and accommodation here."

Said Sue. She has been preparing the quilts and pillows for several days. They are all made of fresh cotton, in order to make them comfortable.

"Grandma, it is fine. I've lived here before and I'm used to living here now."

If it weren't for Celia, she would not have come here. She just wanted to come here to get more information about her. Otherwise, it was such a waste of her precious time.

"It's all right as long as you get used to it!"

Sue held Sunny's hands, with a doting look. In the Tang family, except for Wade, no one had been treated so tenderly like that.

"Grandma, my mom and I live here for free and we don't work. Will my aunt talk about us behind your back?"

Sunny asked tentatively. She already knew that Sue was one who in charge of the Tang family.

"If they dare to say no, I'll punish them!"

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