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   Chapter 221 Their Relationship

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6469

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"You pissed me off! How could I have such a sister?"

Zack sat on his seat and they didn't even have the meal yet.

"Why did you give them the eggs. They are from the city. Do you think they care about the eggs we gave them?"

Zack complained to Jane.

"Don't be so rude with me, Zack. After all, Amy and Dick is your relatives. What's wrong with me sending eggs to them? I just want to protect your relations with your sister. Do you really want to cut off your relations with Jade all your life?"

The reason why Jane did so was that they could live happily together and avoid others laughing at them.

Seeing that her uncle and aunt had a fight because of her, Celia stood between them and tried to mediate the dispute. After all, she was the reason why they got in a fight.

"We should celebrate the new year since we have the new clothes and meat. We should be happy. We used to live a poor life and we couldn't afford these. Now since our life is better, why does it still get so much trouble? It's not worth it. Besides, my aunt doesn't get close to us. From now on, we can only see each other once or twice in the year. It doesn't matter what she says. We will not listen to her. Don't take it seriously."

Celia didn't take what Jade said seriously and didn't take Jade as her family. It didn't affect her mood.

"Celia is right. Celia is not angry at all. And you must change your temper. That's the way Jade is. She is the kind of person who look down on us. We would not often see each other in the future. She thought that it is a bad idea to be a self-employed businesswoman and has no idea what we do. If we go to the shop after the new year, I'm sure that they can't find us any more. It's a great opportunity to have a happy New Year together. We should be happy, right?"

Jane also persuaded Zack because his anger had a bad influence in the family.

"Don't say that. I know my sister. I just think th

Wendy was a coward. She was always soft hearted to her elder sister. After all, Jane married a good husband who came from a rich family, had a good job and even had a son. So Jane was better than her in every aspect. Thus, Wendy never tried to reason with Jade. However, Wendy would not sit around and do nothing when it came to her daughter.

"Mom, it's not something you can control. What's more, although you have some relatives who are snobbish and curry favor with the rich, you also have my uncle and aunt who are giving us timely help. I think God is fair to us. We should be content."

If they could change their perspectives in life, things would immediately be different. Moreover, such a large table of delicious dishes, it would be waste if they didn't enjoy it.

"I'm glad to hear Celia's words. We are older than Celia, but we are no better than a little girl. Give me a bowl of rice, please! I have a great appetite today!"

Celia's words cheered Zack up.

"You're old, but you are not as smart as Celia. She can go to college and do business. We have been work in the farmland for most of our lives. If it weren't for Celia, we would have been living a hard life."

Jane had always believed that it was because of Celia's help that she could lead a god life now.

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