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   Chapter 220 Cut Off Relations

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6151

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"Auntie, I like my present life very much, including my date, and you had better tend to your own business. And you can rest assured that my mom and I will not disturb you even if we are homeless. We have our dignity, and I don't care about the 5000 dollars you just said, whether it is true or not. We live together with uncle and aunt now. It's true that we are not short of money and we are doing the things we like. You have prejudice against rural people. Although the rural people are poor, but you should know that our ancestors were farmers in the countryside in the past. We shouldn't look down on them."

Jade looked down upon the rural people. Had she forgotten that she was also from the countryside? She had only been lived in the city for a few years, but she forgot her hometown. Moreover, life was changeable. No one could guarantee that everything went well in their life.

"Celia, I did this for your own good. Why don't you accept my kindness at all? There is no need to pretend to be rich in front of us. If you don't listen to me now, I'm afraid that you will be unhappy after you get married or divorce in the future. At that time, no matter how beautiful you are, no one want a divorced woman."

Jade's words were terribly harsh to hear. She was angry. She introduced a man to Celia out of kindness, but they thought it was a terrible idea. Was the man she introduced worse than her date?

"Jade, what are you talking about? Are you cursing Celia? Divorce? How could you say such vicious words? Celia is your sister's daughter. I don't think it's necessary for us to have lunch together today. I'm afraid that both of us will be in a bad mood if we continue to have meals. And, we shouldn't visit each other in the future."

Zack's statement sounded so resolute. It was obvious that he didn't want Jade to come h

for you to come here. You can't just leave like that. Come on, I have prepared eggs for you. You can eat them on the way."

Jane had already prepared some eggs for them. The custom of countryside was that they should prepare eggs for the Spring Festival, representing gold fortune.

"I don't want it!"

However, Amy didn't accept it. She said nothing but threw away the eggs in disgust. It was not a good thing for her because she could have them at home. She was not surprised at all.

"I want it. Aunt, I want it."

Dick held out his chubby hands and took the eggs from Jane. Otherwise, Jane would be really embarrassed.

"Dick, you ate everything. Are you a pig?"

Amy couldn't help but get angry with her brother. Didn't he know the situation clearly? Their family was at loggerheads with Zack and Celia's family now. How could he accept the gifts from them? He was really a greedy guy.

"Sister, mother said eggs were nutritious and could help us grow taller. Would you like to eat them?"

Dick looked at Amy with innocent big eyes and handed an egg to her.

"What are you doing? You are embarrassing us."

Instead of taking it, Amy smashed the egg onto the ground angrily and it broke into pieces.

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