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   Chapter 219 I Have A Date

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"Jade, it's not that we look down upon you. It's just that you have never cared about Wendy and her daughter for so many years. Your sister had managed to raise Celia up, and now Celia is a beautiful girl now. But you want to fix her a date the first time you met her. I think Celia is still young, and it's not suitable to talk about marriage at present."

Jane was dissatisfied with Jade. She always thought that they had some ulterior motives. She thought that they attempted to deceive Celia because of her beauty.

"Jane, the opportunity is for those who are well prepared. For example, I took the chance when it just came to me. Now I live in the city, but you still live in the countryside. That's the difference between Celia and you. Celia has a great future, so you shouldn't get in her way any more. What's more, as Celia's biological parents, Wendy hasn't said anything about it yet. You, as her aunt, keep talking endlessly about it. Don't you think it's inappropriate? They just live in your house. Although you are living under the same roof, they don't have to listen to your arrangements in everything, do they?"

Jane had a sharp tongue, but Jade was no exception.

"What are you talking about? We have always respected Celia's decision. Please don't talk nonsense!"

Jane said in a louder voice. Anyway, they had been restless during the meal. Since it was her home, she was not afraid that Jade would make any trouble.

"Enough! You two stop arguing!"

Wendy, who had been silent all this time, seemed to be the first time to speak so loud. She usually lowered her head on this kind of occasion and was ignored like an invisible person. Few people cared about her feelings, but today was different. They were talking about her daughter.

"Wendy, I'm doing this for your own good. What's so good about living in the co

introduce that boy to your daughter? That's the best solution."

Celia couldn't help chuckling to herself.

However, Amy was unwilling. Her clothes was not as beautiful as Celia's, and she had to be with a man who Celia didn't like. She didn't want these. No matter how great the man was, she disdained to be with him. She thought that she was better than Celia, but Celia always beat her in every aspect.

"No! I don't want it. Even if you beat me to death, I will not go out with him...."

Amy stared at Celia furiously when she said those words. If it weren't for Celia, she wouldn't have had such a messy situation.

"Amy, do you really mean it? Is the boy your mother introduced so disgusting that you even want to die?"

As expected, Jade's unexpected kindness, her mercy and concern for her were conspiracy.

That date would not be as good as Jade described, since Amy hated it so much. There must be something wrong.

"Celia, don't make fun of your cousin. She's still young. Let's talk about her later. As for you, you're old enough to find a good man. You must cherish the opportunity."

Jade was extremely upset. Her whole morning was wasted. She went to great pains to persuade Celia to go on a date.

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