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   Chapter 217 What's Going On In Your Mind

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6349

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Celia didn't appreciate the change in the couple's attitudes towards her.

Besides, she didn't lack their money. What were they doing? 'wielding both the carrot and the stick?'?

She was not a pushover.

She could earn the 3000 dollars back even if she sold eggs, not to mention that her business was much bigger than selling eggs.

"Auntie, uncle, you don't owe me anything. I won't take the three thousand dollars. Anyway, the money for building the house will be earned by myself."

Did they want to butter me up with 3000 dollars? They must be dreaming!

Celia would never yield to money, because she would make more money on her own.

"You make money by yourself? You're still a young girl. Do you think you can make a great fortune just by becoming a self-employed businesswoman who is poorly-educated? Do you think that you can make a lot of money out of this? Celia, you should be realistic. I'm not cursing my own sister. Think about your mother. She won't have the chance to wait for you when you really get enough money."

Being a self-employed businesswoman was not a decent job, and was despised and mocked by everyone at that time.

How could she earn so much money by setting up a stall? What a day dream.

"Aunt, you don't have to worry about this. We didn't starve to death since we got out of the Tang family without a penny. And we won't starve to death in the future either. So you don't have to worry about this house. I will fix it by the end of this year."

Celia's words were just nonsense in the eyes of others. If it was really easy to build a house in the countryside, why hadn't anyone had one yet? Some families who were relatively wealthier than others even had to crowd in a tile roofed house. Celia was just a girl. Was she so capable as to earn money to build a house? Only in her dream.

"Celia, please listen to me. It's a good thing that you hav


"Jane, you don't know that the self-employed business is not welcomed by the decent families. It not only has a bad impact on Celia's career, but also on her relationship or marriage. Any one from a better family would not take a fancy to a self-employed businesswoman. Even if she could finally find a man, she will have to suffer a lot. What's woman's life about? The most important thing for us is to marry a good man to change our fate."

It seemed that Jade did it for the sake of Celia. She seemed to regard Celia as her family member at this moment.

Celia was overwhelmed by an unexpected favor, but she wasn't moved to tears. She had seen the world and always felt that something was wrong between the couple. They helped her find a job and gave her some money to help her build a house. She always felt that something big was awaiting her.

"So you mean..."

Celia said, fishing. She just wanted to know what Jade was up to.

"I mean, you don't have to do the business. You should find a good job first, and then I will introduce a good man to you. You will be free from worries all your life, how about it?"

Celia was a beautiful woman. If it weren't for her beauty which would get her many advantages, Jade was not willing to help her.

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