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   Chapter 215 Give You Three Thousand Dollars

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"Of course it works. It's not about money. If you want to build a new house, I'll give you 3000 dollars,"

Gordon's words shocked everyone, especially his wife. Jade thought that her husband was crazy.

"Dad, I need to buy new dresses, books and need money to go to school. We don't have money to spend on someone else's house."

Amy was displeased to hear his father's words. Why should she give money to Celia? She hated Celia so much. And she didn't meet Celia for several times and Celia didn't buy anything for her. Why she had to be so nice to Celia? Since Celia didn't spend so much money on her, she didn't have to spend it on an outsider.

"Adults are have a conversation. How dare you interrupt us? Your mother has spoiled you too much."

Gordon glanced at Amy. He earned money from his family, and it was a child's turn to judge. He thought that Amy was rude.

The two women, Wendy and Celia, looked pitiful. So Gordon thought that Jade was a little heartless over the years. Jade took care of her own family, but didn't even spend a penny on Wendy and Celia. Even after knowing that her sister was living a hard life, Jade didn't care much about it.

"Gordon, are you crazy?"

Jade felt aggrieved this time. She had just thought that her brother's family would definitely spend about one hundred for this meal and it was a waste of money. She didn't expect that her husband was more generous than his brother. However, she could buy so many clothes with three thousand dollars.

Gordon didn't care about Jade's reaction at all. He just whispered, "After all, they are your family!"

Hearing that, Jade didn't say anything. But it was really an unfair deal. Gordon was right. No matter how poor Wendy was, she was still her sister. Gordon would blame her if she was so ruthless to her family.

"Dad, don't blame my mom. It's true that aunt has no money. But why does she

es, why do you treat me like this?"

Jade didn't look down upon them. She just thought her brother was a worthless man. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been in jail for several years. Jane was a rural woman. How much money could she earn from the farmland? Not to mention her sister, who was just out of luck. She had no place to live after being kicked out from the Tang family. Probably she had lost her farmland, so she was left with no choice but to live in other's house.

"Yeah, we are family. The money offered by Gordon was huge. Even if you gave it to us out of kindness, we would not take it. Celia is a decent woman now, and we are living a good life. She is not as bad as you think. Moreover, the clothes she is wearing were bought by her own hard-earned money. She can wear whatever she wants to wear. We also have a lot of such clothes. We just don't wear anything today since we have to do some work in the kitchen and clean the house. "

As a man with a violent temper, Zack slapped on the table. The great dishes could not stop Jade from talking. She thought that she could say anything she wanted to say, but she didn't allow Celia to say a word. In Zack's eyes, Celia was just a child. And it wasted her fault that she was born in a bad family.

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