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   Chapter 214 Embarrassment

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"Wendy, what should you do if you live like this? You have a daughter and always stay at my brother's home. Isn't it good?"

Jade always wanted to make trouble.

"Jade. You can have whatever you want while we are enjoying the meals, but you can't say whatever you want to slander Wendy. Your brother and I are very happy to live under the same roof with Wendy and Celia. We have no problems here."

Jane want to her to shut up.

"She is right. It's good to be reunited."

Zack echoed. Jade's words were mean.

"You two really love each other like brother and sister. I'm so happy to see that."

Their reaction was so intense. It seemed that Jane was really nice to Wendy and Celia.

"As the only family member for Wendy and Celia, we can't watch them wandering on the street, right? If the news is spread out, people would think that Wendy didn't even have any siblings, and we would be embarrassed, wouldn't we?"

Jade didn't show any concern or love for her sister. Instead, she was making trouble for them everywhere. Jade just wanted to laugh at Wendy.

After hearing this, Jade finally stopped talking. If she kept talking about this, she had no advantage at all.

"Alright, alright. No talking while eating. Just focus on your meal. Mom and I both know clearly who is good to us."

Celia thought that Jade was really annoying. She just hoped that she could get out of here as soon as possible after the meal, and she wouldn't stay here for even one second.

"Adults were talking here. You are a child, how could you interrupt our conversation like that? It is rude."

Celia's words irritated Jade. She vented her anger on Celia.

"Since you were talking about my family affairs, of course I have a say in it. If you are worried that I can't live well in my aunt's house, why not pick me and

y you some candy next time!"

Gordon stood aside and looked at his wife, embarrassed. A little girl embarrassed him. His face darkened for a while. What was Jade showing off? Now she had been pestered by a girl. He would never allow Celia and Wendy to stay in his house. So when he looked at Jade, he warned her.

"Please help yourself with the dishes!"

The family was so funny now.

"It's our guest coming from a long distance today. Help yourself with some meat."

Celia was so happy to have meals, while Jade and her husband probably had no appetite at the moment.

"I know uncle and aunt will freak out when you know that we are going to live with you. I'm just joking. You are right. How can I get used to the life of the urban here? So I will also build a house near the house of my aunt's. as long as the house is completed, you don't have to worry that I will live with you. Of course, if we can't build the house for some reasons, maybe we will go to you and give you a big surprise one day."

The words from Celia finally made Jade and Gordon relieved. But the following words from Celia worried them. It meant that as long as the house was not completed, Celia would come to them one day.

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