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   Chapter 213 I'm Afraid To Disgrace You

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"Anyway, she lives in the city, so she thinks that she is superior to others. Don't take what she said seriously."

At the thought of this, Zack was speechless to his sister. 'We are family after all. It will be a laughingstock if we don't have a good time over the new year, ' he thought.

"I don't care!"

In her heart, Jade thought that she was an outsider in this family. She didn't need it to make herself unhappy for such a trifle. Since she disliked the countryside so much, she guessed that she would leave after the meal. Therefore, she held back her anger during the meal.

"I really don't know why she is so shameless to come back. She know that you have a hard time in the Tang family. But she has't helped you for so many years. Now that she finally come back here, she was picky about everything and we still have to cook for her. Don't you think it's annoying?"

Jane was already unhappy, but she already regarded Wendy as her family, so she did not hesitate to scold Jade. They were both her sister-in-law, how could Jade be so rude? Her arrogant attitude made people feel very angry.

"Jane, keep your voice down. It's not good for her to hear it. After all, it's the new year's Eve. We are related by blood, nothing can change this fact."

Jane's last sentence was heard by Jade who came to the kitchen. Wendy didn't like Jade, but it was true that they were relatives, and the blood was thicker than water and that was something between them would never be changed.

What a bad luck for Wendy. Her husband was dead and was not welcomed in the Tang family. Now she ran away from home and lived without a house. It was pitiful, but fortunately she had a good-looking daughter. If her daughter married a good man in the future, she would have a good life. This was her only chance to reverse the situation, so she didn't offend Jade for the time being.

"Is there anything I can help?"

Jade didn't want to help them because the condition in countryside was so bad,

as full of questions, but she didn't ask directly because it was too awkward.

"Wow! Meat! I want meat!"

When Dick saw the meat, he did not hide his excitement. It seemed that he had not eaten meat for ages. He didn't look like he was tired of eating meat at home as Jade told them.

"Let's eat. We have nothing but a lot of meat."

Jane picked up a piece of pork rib for Dick. She thought he was pretty cute even though his parents were not nice people.

"Sister-in-law, I think you have made a big fortune this year. Your living standard is completely improved."

There were several pieces of meat in the kitchen, including flesh, fish and lamb, so Jade thought that they were richer than her family.

"You haven't come back for several years. It's rare for you to come back. Your brother and I have to entertain your family well. Since we don't want to embarrass you."

They hadn't been in touch for so many years, and Jade even hadn't visited them for once. The main reason was that Jade disliked them and didn't want to pay attention to them, because they were poor.

"Sister-in-law, don't take it too seriously. We are not the kind of people who look down on the poor. We are now busy because we have children."

Jade knew that Jane said it on purpose. If she couldn't understand it, she would be a fool.

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