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   Chapter 210 The Mean Sister

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Amy Chen, Jade's daughter, came closer to Celia. In the past, her mother always said that Celia was the most spineless. Her father died when she was born, and everyone in the family hated her.

"Uncle, I will go to Hardy's. I won't come back for lunch."

Relative? Celia had no impression of this women and didn't recognize her. Considering the attitude of this woman, Celia thought they would not get along with each other.

"Celia, how rude you are! How dare you talk to your auntie like that? You mother didn't teach you to respect elders?"

Every word said by the woman was harsh to hear. She trampled on Celia's heart. Her words like arrows and pierced Celia's heart. How could this mean woman was her relative?

"Auntie? I don't know my mother has a relative like you since I was a child, especially when we were suffering a lot. I have never seen such a relative to visit my mother when there was a festival. I always thought my mother has only a relative, my uncle."

Obviously, they would not be nice people. It would be normal if this woman was a stranger. But this shrew was Wendy's elder sister.

"Mom, it's so noisy here. Are you going in or not?"

The girl standing next to them was about fifteen or sixteen years old. She was supposed to be an innocent kid. However, she frowned and glanced at Celia disdainfully. She looked rather ugly in Celia's eyes. However, the boy who was bumped into Celia before seemed to like Celia very much and kept clamoring to play with Celia.

"Mom, I want to play with this beautiful young lady."

The kid had a most innocent smile. He did not seem to be frightened by the accident just now.

"Dick Chen, if you still don't go in, I won't give you toys after you come back home."

The girl

Celia shouted. She didn't even greet Jade as "aunt". Celia didn't think Jade deserve this title.

"Really? Then I'll wash my hands."

Wendy hadn't seen her sister for many years. After all, they were sisters, so she didn't get angry for what Jade had done to her and still smiled at them.

"Jade, here you are!"

"It has been a long time since I came here, but you didn't come out to greet me. What's wrong? Don't you want to treat me as your sister? And your daughter, she was rude to me."

Jade held her head high. She didn't forget to insult Celia at the same time.

"You mean Celia was rude? Jade, you must have made a mistake. Celia is most polite and easygoing. How could she be impolite?"

Explained Wendy.

Jade looked up at Wendy and noticed her changes.

It had only been a few years since the last time she saw Wendy, who was silent and timid. She was really impressed that Wendy could say something like that.

She thought that Wendy would look poor and messy, but she didn't look like a person who had been tortured in the Tang family for years. Now she wore the latest style clothes which the ordinary rural families could not afford.

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