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   Chapter 207 Building A Home

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"Uncle, how long have you built this house?"

This old house was dusty everywhere. In fact, there was no need to clean it. Of course, Celia did not hate it. However, since their living conditions had been improved a lot, naturally, they paid more attention to their house. They earned so much money so that they could lead a better life.

"I don't remember how many years. The house was there before I was born."

Zack heaved a sigh. The house was much older than his age.

"In the past, every time there was wind or rain outside, I was afraid that the win would blow off the house. If it rained more heavily, my whole bed would be wet. So I had to put a basin in the middle of the bed to gather the rain. I sat there all night and waited for dawn."

Jane also sighed.

But it seemed that she had been used to living a hard life and gradually felt that it was not a big deal.

"You have suffered a lot."

As soon as Celia finished her words, Wendy also joined in. "At least your aunt has her own house. Do you remember that when we were in the Tang family, you did something wrong, and we have to kneel down in front of the yard for one night as punishment and the rain was heavily outside."

Jane's problem was nothing compared to their suffering. At least, it was their house. But Wendy and Celia had been living a miserable life in the Tang family for so many years.

"Your mother is right. You indeed suffer a lot. But that's all in the past. From now on, we will live together happily. Everything will be fine."

Jane's problem was nothing compared to theirs.

"This is very important to have our own house. Uncle, are you going to rebuild the house? It's better to have a two story duplex house, beautiful and elegant

If Celia didn't save her out of the trouble, Wendy would be tortured by Sue all her life.

"All right, all right. We'll talk about building the house later. Let's pay the debt first."

Celia knew that she had to make the decision for Wendy. Although Jane left them a place in the house in the future, it was not their home in the end.

They could only have a sense of safety when they had their own house.

Therefore, Celia decided that if her uncle wanted to build a house in the future, she would buy a land and build a small house. It would be enough for them to live in. Although Zack and Jane were nice to them, Celia should give them some private space.

"It's up to you. You are the boss in this family."

Since Celia was capable, Wendy just wanted to rely on her.

"All right. I'll talk about building a house after I finish my college entrance examination."

Besides, she had to pay back the money after college entrance examination. When she had had enough money, she didn't have to worry about building a house by then.

When they had enough money, her family would be the first one who could live in a decent house in the village.

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