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   Chapter 206 The Jealousy Of People

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6049

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Jane bought some candies in the city. She had been poor. When others pay a visit at her home, she could only entertain them with peanuts and sunflower seeds during the Spring Festival, since it didn't worth much money. This year, great changes had taken place in her family, so she bought some candies and asked Zack to buy some cigarettes.

Most of the villagers were old, sick or disabled women. The men went out to work, and some of them worked in other places. However, no matter how busy they were, they had to go home at the end of the year. It was a traditional that they had to come back and pay respects to their ancestors in Spring Festival.

"Hi, Zack."

"Jane, you look very great after going out."

"Jane, what kind of clothes are you wearing? It's so beautiful."

When they passed by the village, some people stood at their own doors chatting. When they saw Jane and the rest of them come back, they greeted them warmly.

When the women saw the clothes on Jane, they were very envious of her. They didn't have this kind of clothes in the town, so they all thought that Jane looked very beautiful.

Jane just left for a few days, but she had changed a lot and looked younger. The women were jealous of her. If they could have a way out, no one would be willing to stay in this rural place.

"Let's have candies."

Jane was always generous. She got a lot of candies that she bought in the city, and portion out a handful of candies when she bumped into the villages. And Zack followed suit. When he saw the men in the village, he opened a box of good cigarette and gave each one a cigarette.

"Come to visit us when you have time,"

After Jane gave the candies to them, she went straight back home. As there was no one at home, the house must be in a mess. She needed to clean it

est of his family walked far, all kinds of voices still could be heard from behind.

In the past, other's gossip was nothing but humiliation to her. But now, Wendy couldn't help smiling when she heard them talking about her daughter.

She was really happy. Celia had always been a great child. No one had ever imagined that her miserable life would change like this. Things had never been better since Celia become a thoughtful and smart kid. Wendy was so satisfied to have such a good life.

After they went back home, the four were engaged in the work. Actually, Celia was forbidden to work in the house and Zack asked her to stay in her room to study. However, Celia had forgotten to bring any books with her, so Zack couldn't do anything about her.

"Uncle, would you like me to ride the motorcycle to the town and buy some meat for you?"

Celia always wanted to spend more money for Zack.

"No, there will be a lot of pigs to be killed during the Spring Festival. I will buy a few kilograms. Don't worry about these things. You'd better have a good rest."

According to Zack, Celia's brain was used to learn knowledge. Such trivial things shouldn't occupy her brain, and delay her study.

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