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   Chapter 205 Go Back Home To Celebrate The Spring Festival

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6275

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At that time, the bank was not as busy as the current bank and did not have to queue up for business, and the staff in the bank had never seen people from the countryside to save money here, since they didn't have much money. Even if they were rich, the money would definitely be wrapped in a three layer of cloth and buried in under their pillows, and didn't believe the bank.

Celia had a large amount of money, which could be at least tens of thousands. The staff had some doubts about this.

"Don't worry, sir. I earned money from my clothing store. Including the cost and the rent, I earned only thirty thousand dollars. The New Year is coming. I want to keep it in the bank, so here I am."

Celia told a lie deliberately. Any man wouldn't be able to make that much money, let alone a little girl. So the staff kind of believed in her.

"Sir, please save the money for us quickly. This is our hard earned money."

Seeing the man was not easy to deal with, Jane chipped in.

"All right, don't push me. I'll do it for you!"

Upon hearing their comments, the staff didn't ask any questions.

Celia didn't expect it to be so difficult to save money in the bank nowadays. In the previous life, all the bank would hope that you could save more money in their banks. At this time, if she saved a large sum of money, people would be suspicious of her.

During the date of Chinese New Year drawing near in the city, people started to return to their hometown. At that time, people had to go back home and have a family reunion and pay respects to their ancestors, so people would go back home a few days before the Chines New Year.

So did Jane and Zack. They had bought some gifts too and were ready to go back.

Wendy and Celia were not willing to go back to D village. She had nothing to do with the Tang family now, so she didn't need to pay respects to the an

dishes and meat in the afternoon, Celia asked Wendy and Jane to make dumplings with her. They made hundreds of dumplings in a short time.

"Mrs. Li, remember to contact us when you need something. If you can't reach us, then you can call the police, and we will be back in a week."

The next day, Celia reminded the old lady. She was too old to suffer another high blood pressure again.


The old lady said in a low voice and indeed show enough respect to Celia.

"I bought some vegetables and fruits and put them in your kitchen, and I've washed them all, if you don't like the dumplings."

Celia couldn't help reminding her.

"I'm not paralyzed. I can do it myself. Just go."

The old lady couldn't help but wave her hand. When the four people disappeared in the courtyard, her arrogance disappeared and loneliness overwhelmed her. She suddenly felt cold and lonely. For an old lonely woman like her, it was a scary thing to get used to loneliness.

Celia was especially nice to her. After last time's hypertension, Celia didn't mind her cold attitudes, and brought a lot of food in the kitchen for her regardless whether she like it or not.

Recently, the old lady had gotten used to it. She felt sad to see Celia leave.

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