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   Chapter 204 The Safest Way To Keep Money In The Bank

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6285

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"Uncle, I believe in you. You can just do whatever you like. If you didn't have much work, you just stay in the store and help me. I will find you some books about decoration and interior design then. Read them and ask me if you have any new problems. If you do, you can establish your own decoration team which is absolutely no better than this shop, and you would make way much more money than selling clothes."

Celia said. Her uncle had such a great skill and couldn't be wasted. He would surely have a promising career.

"I don't know how to read a book. Can I understand the books you give me?"

When he was young, he had no chance to go to school. But now he wanted to read a book. he didn't know if he could do it. More importantly, he was afraid that he couldn't understand any of the books.

"Uncle, you are smart enough. The books have a picture. Besides, if you don't understand, I'm with you. We can learn together."

Although the development of this city was slow, it couldn't hinder the development of other cities. It is not popular for the people in the 80's leave their hometown and move to another city to seek job opportunity now, but when the time was right and Zack was ready, he would make a fortune. So he should make preparations.

"Okay, I'll listen to you. If there is any work for me to do recently, I'll do it."

If Celia did not have great foresight, her clothes shop would not have been so great as it was today. From a poor family who could only live on air, to what they had right now, Celia had achieve it in less than a year. Zack had spent decades of years in struggle out of the poor countryside, but Celia had made it easily. To a certain extent, Zack not only felt pity for his niece for her hardship, he admired her more.

"Okay, then you should take care of your own business, and helped the clothing shop when your are free. Aun

y to save in the bank.

"Don't worry. This is the safest place in the world. We can save money here, and it is a hundred times safer than at home, and there is no mouse or thief taking it away."

Celia explained to them, seeing that they were still in half belief. They did not understand such new life style. In the mind of these people, money was only safe when they put on their pocket or on the bed. They thought that hiding money in the smelly socks and shoes was much safer than put in the bank.

"Will they give us any recipe?"

They were afraid that it is easy to put the money in the bank, but it would be hard to withdraw it.

"Don't worry. There is a bankbook. The number of the money would be recorded on it. Next time when you come to withdraw the money, you can take the bankbook with you to the counter. It's very convenient."

Celia said.

"Little girl, is this your money? Is there any adult with you?"

Seeing that Celia took more than 20 thousand dollars in the bank, the staff look at her and said. She didn't look like a girl who had much money. The staff looked her up and down skeptically.

"It is my money. My mother and aunt are here. They can prove it for me."

Celia said. She totally understood the staff.

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