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   Chapter 172 The Future Son-in-law

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 5913

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"How about you bring me a bowl of rice and some dishes outside for me? I'm eating outside."

Although he wanted to have lunch inside, he gave up the idea at the thought of that wired landlord. He didn't want to cause any trouble to them.

"No need. Just come in. It's just a meal, nothing serious."

Celia didn't mind as much as last time.

"What if she finds an excuse to drive you out if I went there?"

Sharon got nothing to be afraid of, but he had always worried about Celia. Since he would continue to live under the same roof of that old lady.

"Don't worry. I sent the medicine to her in time last night when she got a relapse. Since then, she is not as cold as before. So you don't have to worry about it. Just eat your meal. I will tell her about it later. She can't really drive you out."

That old lady was not mean. She had lived alone for a long time, so she must have forgotten how to get along with people.

In the morning, Wendy went to the market to buy a lot of food. Although the conditions were simple, she cooked six dishes, with fish and meat, which were quite delicious.

"Sharon, thank you for your help today."

Celia was so grateful for his appearance today. He appeared from the heaven like a hero when she was in great need.

She put the biggest chicken drumstick into his bowl.

"You don't need to thank me. It's my pleasure. I would help anyone who were being bullied by a bad guy with a knife."

Sharon put the drumstick into a bowl. Celia's attitude towards him had become better and better. He was truly happy about that.

"You mean you will save a stranger's life at the risk of losing yours? Am I a stranger to you?"

Celia didn't know why she suddenly became furious.

"How can I treat you as a stranger?


"Auntie, I am so happy. I have to have three bowls of rice today."

He was too excited to know what to say.

"Go ahead. And I'm happy for that as well. I'll treat you as my son from now on."

Wendy was glad to see that Celia had someone to rely on in the future, since she was just a simple rural woman and could help Celia with anything. She would rest in peace even if she died at this moment.

"Aunt, I have always taken you as my mother. From now on, I am your son. If you have any problem, just come to me. Don't stand on ceremony with me. And no matter where Celia and I go, you just follow us. We will take you with us wherever we go."

Celia had grown up in a single parent family. For her, Wendy was everything. They had to depend on each other to get through difficulties. If Sharon wanted to win her heart, he must treat Wendy as his own mother. Only in this way could Celia be happy.

"You didn't say that on a whim, didn't you?"

Celia was touched. She always worried about Wendy. Whether she came here to do business, or went to university in other places, she had decided to bring Wendy with her, so that she could lead a carefree life.

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