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   Chapter 171 A Blessing In Disguise

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6740

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"Sharon, you didn't hear it wrong. Celia said she wants you to join us in lunch. I have to buy some nice dishes later."

Wendy was also glad with the change of her daughter. She didn't think there was anything wrong with Sharon. When Sharon appeared in such a critical moment, Wendy was very pleased with her future son-in-law. She thought Sharon was good in every aspect.

"Aunt, I'm not a picky eater. Any dishes serves me good. And your dishes are the most delicious."

Even at this time, he didn't forget to flatter Wendy.

"You're not a picky eater, because you're always a considerate and thoughtful kid."

Wendy didn't think she was good at cooking, but when she saw that Sharon would enjoy the dishes, she was quite happy.

"Cough... Mom, where is the chicken soup you brought for me?"

Celia could not stand the conversation between them anymore. She had never seen such an ass-kisser like Sharon.

"Oh, god! Chicken soup..."

Wendy patted her own head and remembered that the chicken soup had been completely ruined on the way here, especially after she knew about Celia's accident, she couldn't care less about the chicken soup, and dropped the box of chicken soup along the street.

"Celia, I will prepare another breakfast for you. Breakfast is important."

Celia hadn't eaten even a grain of rice since she was in a mess the whole morning.

"Aunt, you don't have to go home to cook. There are so many breakfast shops here. I'll go to buy some for Celia. You've just been scared and tired. You'd better go back and rest."

As long as he was with Celia, he would never let her suffer. Furthermore, he would never let others bully Celia.

"Mother, why don't you go to the market and buy some fish for lunch? I will go back after selling my clothes."

Celia didn't bring much clothes as she had expected this scene in the morning. She had already sold more than ten clothes, and there were several pieces on the floor. The clothes were smudged, but some customers were still holding

you stop asking me to borrow money from you?"

As a rich man, how could he know the feeling of being a pauper? Besides, it was true that she was really not used to owe him money.

"I didn't urged you to borrow money from me. It doesn't matter whether you borrow it or not. Since you will give it back to me when you have money. What is the difference?"

Sharon didn't care about money. He only cared about Celia's happiness and the safety of the business. He didn't care about any other things.

"It's different. Anyway, don't incite me anymore. Let's talk about it later when I earn more money."

She was not in a hurry to open a shop now. Although it was a little tiring to get up early and go home in dark, everyone's life was easy. Everyone in the world was rushing around for the better life. She was young now, and it didn't matter if she suffered a little.

"Celia, why are you so stubborn? I lend it to you, not for free."

He wanted to give it to her for free, but she didn't want to.

"Sharon, shut up. If you keep talking like that, you don't have to go to my house for lunch today. You can leave now."

She didn't want to borrow money without any reason.

"Hey, you! We were just having a nice chat, but why are you so impatient?"

It was rare for her to ask him to have meals. How could he give up like that?

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