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   Chapter 170 Life Savor

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"Well, I've heard what happened. You guys, don't you hear what they said? You still dare to slander others!"

The policemen were not blind. It was clear who was guilty. And there were so many witnesses here willing to testify. Today, they would teach those brats a lesson.

"They are all friends of this little rogue!"

The boss still wanted to argue. He didn't want Sharon to get away with it. If he didn't meddle in this matter today, he might not only get the girl he liked, but also get the money. Now, they had nothing.

"Really? You are shamelessness. Do you know who he is ?"

The policeman looked at these punks who had mocking smiles on their lips, thinking that these bastards really got themselves in trouble today.


Those hooligans' faces slowly darkened. Was he a relative of the police chief? If so, they would be in huge trouble. They would surely suffer a lot in prison.

"Who? He is our superior, who do you think he is? Besides, I don't need to tell you who he is. Take them with me!"

It was none other than the head of the police station, which was Flora's son. They had met once before.

As soon as they heard, the gangster who had just argued was as pale as ghost. They were in trouble.

"Well, well done!"

As soon as the police said that, a burst of warm applause broke out on the scene. From now on, they could finally be at ease to do business here and no longer be bullied. They were not only grateful to the police, but also thank Celia. If it were not for her resistance, things would get worse and the police would not arrest these ruffians here.

"Girl, thank you so much."

The people around Celi

d. What if you get hurt?"

If she had known something bad would happen, she would not come home and cook the meal. When she heard about it, she went crazy and rushed over.

"Mom, look at me. I'm fine. Those rascals came to me for protection fees and they are under control now."

Celia comforted her. It was lucky that she hadn't seen the scene just now, or she would have passed out.

"Aunt, it's okay now. There won't be any hooligans bullying her on this street in the future."

Sharon was trying to comfort her.

"Sharon? Why are you here?"

All Wendy wanted was to know if her daughter was hurt just now, so she didn't notice that Sharon was there. Why was he here?

"Mother, thank you for his help just now. I could not stand there in front of you if he hadn't shown up in time. You should have bought more food and we can have lunch together."

"Aunt, did I hear it wrong? Celia wants to have me over for lunch?"

Celia's words made him feel a little flattered. His eyes were full of joy and it seemed that everything was like a dream. It seemed that luck was on his side today.

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