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   Chapter 169 You Are Stupid

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"Do you think you can minimize the harm you just did to her with an apology?"

Sharon felt angry every time when he thought of the man holding the dagger against Celia's face. Who gave them the courage to treat his beloved woman like this? How dared he? Sharon always treated her with great consideration. How could a random guy try to hurt her?

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

They kowtowed as they apologized, as they knew they had offended a big shot.

"Sorry for what?"

If Sharon wanted to play it rough, he was far more ruthless than them.

"We shouldn't have bullied her."

If they knew Celia had a powerful background, and no one dared to offend her.

"But you have already bullied her."

Sharon didn't want to spare them.

"How can you forgive us? We will definitely follow your order."

They only hoped that Sharon would let them go. They would never dare to harass Celia any more and would never bully her again.

"Apologize to her, until she is satisfied."

They deserved it. He would never be soft on them.


If they did that... Everyone would know about it and they would be embarrassed.

"What? You don't want to? What are you hesitating for?"

Sharon pat them in their faces and humiliated them. "Hurry up!"

"We are sorry..."

Although they didn't want to lose face in front of people, they had no choice but to submit to his threat.

"Speak louder. I didn't hear you."

Celia would never let such a good chance slip by. Thinking of that her beautiful face was almost ruined by them, Celia really wanted to kill them.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"You are a friend of the butcher?"

Celia guessed that the butcher must have been frightened to hide somewhere wh

through your own hands?"

'Son of a bitch! He just asked me 500 dollars, ' Celia thought.

"Sir, these bullies are here every year to collect the protection fee. If we run a good business, they will ask for the money every day. We have been working day and night. How much money can we earn one day? The money was all taken away by them."

A girl could stand up and fight against these punks. As men, there is nothing to fear. Otherwise, they would be bullied by those gangsters for the rest of their lives.

"Sir, these people are rogues. Today, they worked together to bully the little girl. Not only did they ask for a high protection fee, but they also saw her beautiful appearance and wanted to do something bad to her."

"Sir, we are all witnesses. We can prove that these gangsters are talking nonsense. This young man was brave enough to save the girl, and it was just self-defense that the young man beat them just now."

"It's none of their business, sir. You should seek justice for us and this little girl."


More and more people stood out and spoke for Celia. It seemed that there were some bad people in the world.

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