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   Chapter 168 I'm Sorry

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 5712

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"You don't want to stay here anymore, do you? Fuck off! Get out of here."

"You can have a try if you don't believe me."

They had daggers with them which freaked out the bystanders. No one would be willing to take such risks.

"Forget it, girl. Let it go."

The vegetable lady was trying to persuade Celia to change her mind. Celia was too young to fight against those reckless men.

"Aunt, it's okay. If they really do something to me later, you call the police for me."

In this way, they could be taken to the police station, and nobody would bully them in the streets in the future.

"Girl, I'll count to three. If you don't give in, we'll teach you a lesson."

They had used the same method to frighten people all the time. So they thought they could fright her into submission this time. However, after counting down, Celia kept her chin up and showed no fear.

"Eight, nine, ten..."

"Go, smash it!"

Celia seemed to be indifferent to the result. One of the men shouted angrily. The clothes on the stall were scattered all over the floor. The clothes rack was also a mess.

"Girl, the first step is to smash things, and the second is to smash people. If you stop being so stubborn and beg for mercy to our brother, we can spare you today..."

They had made a compromise.

"You are robbers. Everyone present today is my witness. If you dare to do anything to me, you will break the law and be put into jail by the police."

Such shameless men.

"You are such a harsh-tongue woman. Do you know the relationship between my brother and the chief of the police station?"

"Bro, don't be so nice to her just because she is pretty. Besides, everyone is watching us. If we are sub

they dared lay a finger on Celia, he would beat the daylight out of them.


Sharon stepped on the man's belly and exerted all his strength, making him spit out the food in his stomach.

"Sir, we are sorry! We are so sorry!"

Sharon was a tough and cruel man. He looked terrifying.

"You stupid bastards. If I'm in a good mood, I might spare you."

He had seen so many hooligans, and they were no match for him. He was just afraid that it would make his hands dirty if he beat them.

"Sir, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

The men beg for mercy.

"You bastards! How dare you hurt a girl! Apologize to her!"

It was they who had irritated and scared Celia. If Celia had forgiven them, he would let them off. If not, he would have beat them to a pulp.

"Miss, I'm sorry. We shouldn't have been so rude to you."

They had thought that those self-employed businessmen here were all from poor families with no backgrounds. So they bullied them, and bet that people here didn't dare to call the police as long as they didn't kill anyone. No one would expect Celia was different. Apparently, they had made a mistake today.

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