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   Chapter 158 The Lowest Price Ever

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6361

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"These are all my new arrivals. Tell me which one you like and I'll give you a discount."

The owner was more enthusiastic about Celia than last time.

"Let me look around."

Celia touched the clothes first and then looked at the style.

"The clothes are nice."

Celia said.

"How many will you buy this time, young lady?"

The owner was satisfied. Celia was a long-term big client, of course she had to server Celia well.

"I just came here to check the goods this time. By the way, have you sold out all your autumn products?"

She was not in a hurry to buy winter clothes. There would be more new clothes next month. Then she could buy more clothes.

"Not yet. There are still some autumn clothes left. Do you want it?"

People came to purchase goods didn't dare to buy autumn clothes. It was risky. But since Celia dared to buy them, the shop owner would like to sell them. The goods in this year would be hard to sell in the next year, and the boss knew about it too.

"Let me see."

Celia did not show her eagerness, which was confusing.

"Okay, let me show you all."

Then she took out all the goods and the bag in the corner.

"These products are all very good. I didn't hang them on the shelf, so they have wrinkles. But it is all good."

The owner was indeed a very honest woman. She spoke out the bad things about her goods first.

"Boss, people are extremely picky at shopping nowadays. Everyone wants to buy something perfect. Especially when it comes to people who are picky about clothes, they would not like the wrinkles."

Actually, the wrinkle was not a big problem at all. However, since Celia wanted a higher discount, she had to exaggerate the problems.

"Yes, I know. If you want these goods, I can give you a discount."

It didn't matter that she made less money from the clothes as long as Celia could buy it.

"What's the discount?"


take these goods away at once. If not, we can cooperate next time. "

Celia was straightforward. She bet that the boss would be willing to sell these things as long as she didn't lose money.

"Girl, you are great."

The owner sighed deeply. She couldn't earn a lot from this price.

"Boss, your business is so big. If you give me this discount today, I will continue to buy clothes from your store next time. Besides, it is really difficult to sell those autumn clothes right now."

Since she had named the price, and the owner would need a few minutes to make a decision, she was not in a hurry to leave.

"All right. I've sold them to you."

The owner nodded immediately.

"You do know how to do business, boss!"

Celia smiled. She was happy that the boss offer such a low price.

"You are the one who are good at business. I'm really going to lose everything."

The boss felt her heart was aching. This was the lowest price she had ever made.

"I don't know if you lose money or not. I just know that I have solved a big problem for you. You are so good at doing business that your business will definitely be booming in the future."

Since Celia could get the goods at such a low price, she certainly had to butter the boss up for a bit.

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