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   Chapter 108 Renting A House

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"God, are you trying to scare me to death?"

When Jane entered the hospital and saw Zack lying on the bed, she realized that it was not Celia who had an accident, but her man. Tears fell down instantly.

Zack had been in prison before. She had suffered a lot because of what he had done in the past few years. Now that he had finally come back, she didn't know if she had the courage to live a life like that with fear.

"Ah, I'm not dead. Why are you crying?"

Zack was afraid that his family would worry about him, especially Jane. He felt that he had been sorry for her all his life.

"Zack, what happened? And how did you get injured?"

The thought of this sent a shiver down Wendy's spine. Zack was the backbone of her family, and he was her only brother and family. She couldn't let him die.

"Calm down, you two! If only you were half as calm as Celia!"

They just saw him in the hospital. Celia looked calm when she saw him in the police station. She didn't cry or frown when she sent him to the hospital after things were done.

"How about Celia? Is she also here? Isn't she in H city?"

Wendy and Jane were confused that Sharon and Celia were together.

"Celia is back. She is on her way to buy things. She is capable. We underestimated her ability."

She was calmer than other men at her age and would absolutely do great things in the future.

"But I'm afraid that you have to live a hard life with me in the future, Jane."

Zack breathed a sigh of guilty and thought to himself. He thought that he didn't even let her have a good day.

Then he told them everything, including what he had done, why he had been caught, why he had been injured and why he had owed ten thousand dollars to Sharon. They were a family, so there was no need to conceal the truth. Besides, the money was not a small amount for them.

"It's okay as long as you are fine."

The debt was a big surpris

irst. When I rent a house, I'll cook fish soup for uncle to recover health."

Now that she wanted to sell clothes, she would not bring them back for sale. There wasn't enough market and not enough people in the market, and the price was still a bit high, so no one could afford to buy them.

So she had to sell it here, but she couldn't live in a hotel all the time. It was too expensive for her, so it was a good deal to rent a place.

"Are you going to rent a house here?"

Everyone was surprised to hear that she was going to rent a house.

It was certainly not safe for a girl to rent a house outside, not to mention that she was so beautiful.

Sharon frowned as he heard what she said. This woman really thought that she was a real man. Then Sharon winked at Jim and he believed that he knew how to get out of here.

"Don't worry. Renting a house is not that scary. I'll find a more reliable one and find a female renter. Then you don't have to worry about it."

Renting an apartment was not widely accepted in this era, and it was one of the life styles of many people in her previous life. Celia understand why they were worried about her.

"Celia, I will go with you."

Wendy was worried about her daughter. After all, her daughter was so beautiful.

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