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   Chapter 107 IOU

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"How much have you paid for the fine? I'll pay it for you."

It wouldn't be easy to get her uncle out without punishment. Celia didn't want to owe any money to Sharon, so she would just pay as much as she could.

"Yes. How much is it? I'll pay you back."

He would be locked up for a couple of days if there weren't some acquaintances of Sharon in the police station. he was very grateful for his help.

"Money doesn't matter. The most important thing is that uncle is fine."

Sharon didn't care about money at all. Besides, as long as Celia wanted, he would give all his property to her. All the things he had was Celia's.

"If you don't tell me, I'll ask the police."

Celia was a tenacious and independent woman. She was not afraid of getting involved in any trouble, nor a coward. Even if she couldn't afford a lot of money, she had to repay him slowly and never owe anyone a favor.

"Stop asking. I'm telling you. It's 10000 dollars. But you don't have to pay me back in a hurry."

10000 dollars was a large sum of money for any family in the 80's, let alone Celia's family. Zack was the only one in his family who could make some money. Jane didn't make much money from working in the farmland. Celia's egg business was not bad recently, but only a few hundred each month.

Sharon didn't want to bring trouble to their family at all, but Celia had already known this.

"I don't have that much money right now. But I can pay you back a little every month. If you think it takes too long, I will give you the interest later."

Even though Zack was shocked to death now, Celia had no changes in her countenance. She had seen everything in her previous life. She had signed millions of bills in the contracts in her previous life. Although ten thousand was a huge number for the people now, she had confidence in herself.

"Who said you have to pay it? If you really want to pay it back, you can pay it back when you have enough money. I'm not in a hurry. Besides, it is not a bank loan, not usury. Why do I want inte

w and didn't have time to ask. Celia was in H city. Why she was with Sharon?

"Auntie, please calm down. I'm calling Celia like that because she is my brother's future girlfriend. He really likes Celia."

Since he had said it, there was no need to explain. He might as well take the opportunity to say some nice words for his brother, so as to arrange the matter as soon as possible.

"Kid, don't call her like that again. My girl hasn't married yet. People from the village will laugh at her if they heard it. What's more, Celine is still studying. She has to take the college entrance examination and go to college. She won't think about such thing in the future for at least five years."

Wendy was not a talkative person. However, when it came to her daughter, things would be different. Although she felt that Sharon was a nice man, he couldn't do that now as Celia was a student.

"That's right. Don't shout in front of others in the future. Otherwise, we are rural women and won't show mercy."

What a girl cared most about was her reputation. If her reputation was ruined, she would have no chance to continue her study.

Although Jim wanted to say that he was forced to do so, he didn't dare to blame Sharon for that. He would rather suffer in here. Therefore, he stopped talking with them. He was afraid that he would get into trouble.

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