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   Chapter 105 Fine And Not Go To Jail

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6251

Updated: 2020-03-29 00:24

"It's okay to be fined, as long as he doesn't go to jail."

As long as her uncle could get out, she would get the money.

"But how much is the fine?"

There was only over 1000 in total. If she had known that, she wouldn't have bought the goods. But it was too late to say that.

"Don't worry. I'll handle it."

Sharon had never seen Celia being so anxious. He knew she must be extremely worried.


They didn't have any relationship and family background, not to mention the money.

"Don't worry, Celia. He has a good friend. He will solve the problems."

"Jim, shut up! What's this place? How dare you talk nonsense here?"

Sharon glared at him and Jim immediately shut up. He was courting death by saying such words in the police station. It was too blatant for him to say something like that.

"Sharon, can you really save my uncle? Is it true? I will do anything as long as you can save my uncle!"

Celia was burning with anxiety. She knew how nice Zack was to her, and Jane was always taking care of her. Although Celia traveled time and came here, she already had feelings for this family. Besides, Zack was the only man in the family. She didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

"Can I marry you?"

Looking at Sharon's eyes, Celia felt that he was not joking.

"Do you want to take advantage of me?"

'Son of a bitch! I've burnt my butt now! He is still joking!' Celia thought.

"If you don't want to help me, I can ask other people for help."

She was never a person who would easily give in. Even if it was, she had to be willing and she would not be threatened by others.

"Wait a minute. I was just joking. You still have a short temper. Don't take it to heart."

He should have thought that Celia was not an ordinary girl. No matter what happened, she was a person with principle.

"Celia, Sharon is joking. H

en several years older. His arm was stained with blood, and his body looked bruised.


Celia was a little upset to see Zack's face. If she hadn't said that she had to go to school, he wouldn't have left in such a hurry. It was all her fault.

"It doesn't matter. Uncle is fine."

Zack also smiled a weary smile, as if he had a narrow escape from death.

"Thanks to Sharon, I can't have a chance to see you again without his help."

The mere thought of his death struck terror into him. If he had died this time, probably no one would have known about it. Fortunately, he had encountered Sharon. Everything seemed to be fate.

"Well, we have put him in great trouble this time."

When she was hugging her uncle, she saw that Jim handed a whole cigarette to Sharon, which cost him a lot of money. Otherwise, how could he ask others for help? If he didn't have sincerity, who would want to help.

"Celia, ask him how much he had paid to get me out of jail. We can return the money to Sharon."

He knew that Sharon was obsessed with Celia, so he had to pay the debt of gratitude.

"Uncle, don't worry. I will pay the money he used today back to him."

She would never forget this big favor which he did to her family.

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