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   Chapter 94 A Treasure From The Outside

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6412

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In the morning, Wendy went to deliver The goods. Celia was study history and politics, and she wanted to get a better score than last exam.

In the afternoon, Celia took her motorbike to the county and the city to look for business opportunities. Through the past few months' struggle, she had accumulated a lot of money. Now she was waiting for a good chance, a chance to make more money. So that they could get rid of this miserable life together.

At that time, Celia received a fax. She thought it was from her uncle, so she was very happy. However, when she read the context, she was shocked.

"Miss Celia, long time no see. It seems like ages since the last time we met. I will be back soon. Best wishes, Sharon."

Celia closed the heart-shaped letter immediately. Even if he didn't write his name at the bottom of the paper, she knew that it was him. In this age, among the few men she knew, only Sharon dared to do it. However, the handwriting was unexpectedly good, and it seemed that he was good at calligraphy.

But it was none of her business that he came back. Although she seemed to not care about it at all, there was still a smile on her lips that she was not aware of.

"Who sent you this letter? How come I don't know that you have a friend who is from another city?"

Seeing Celia so happy, Wendy was curious.

"Oh, it's the notice from the school. They said that I should take a examination after a few days."

Celia lied. Sharon knew how to please the elder. If Wendy knew that Sharon would come back soon, she would certainly invite him to dinner.

"Okay, focus on preparing for the exam. I have to deliver the goods by myself. You don't have to work in the afternoon."

These days, Wendy had clean up the mess in her house. She did a good job. She had thought that she would only be able to work in the farmland all her life. She didn't expect that she could also do such a busin

ook like an outsider at all. Nobody knew what he wanted to do in her house.

"I know it's your house. You will know later. I won't let you down."

Said Sharon mysteriously.

It was not until the men tore down the box that Celia realized what he was doing.

"TV? You bought a TV?"

Celia passed through here for a long time and finally saw a modern product. Although the TV was small and the picture on the screen was all black-and-white, it was novel product in the 80's. Nowadays, people from ordinary families couldn't afford this kind of things. And few people had even seen it. There was no TV in the whole D Village.

"Do you know it's a TV?"

Sharon was surprised to hear Celia's words. He didn't expect that Celia would know that.

"Then what else could it be?"

Celia said impatiently. It was not a strange thing for her. She had seen many good things.

"But why do you bring it to my house? This is my house, and I don't think you have the right to do this. Move it out now."

Celia was not grateful for his kindness. For such a big item, even in the city, no family had the spare money to buy it. If people knew that she had a TV, they would gossip.

"No way! If you don't want it, you can hoe and chop it into pieces."

He acted as a rascal.

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