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   Chapter 93 Who Likes Me

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"Aunt, I'm here to kill a chicken and then ask my mother to bring you one tomorrow. Today I have to let uncle have a good meal. It's certainly not as good as home when we are outside."

Celia rolled up her sleeves and was ready to show off.

"Kill whichever chicken you want."

Jane was never a stingy person, let alone the food for her husband. She certainly would not say a word.

Celia was a good cook. She had seen the food programs in her previous life, and She had been to all kinds of the restaurants. To everyone's surprise, she was a great cook in here.

"This meat is so delicious."

"It's much better than those cooks in the village."

"I can have three bowls of rice if I smell the fragrance."

The three gave thumps up to Celia.


It was really rare for her to cook in her previous life. The takeout food was so delicious, so why should she enter the kitchen? Anyway, she was not living in a modern era, so she had to make a living by herself.

"Of course. I think we can open a restaurant in the future, and you can be a chef. We are all your little sidekicks."

Jane didn't exaggerate. Celia was a good cook. Even it was just a simple steamed egg, she thought it tastes better.

"Auntie, you are so clever. You are also a talent in business. When I make big money in the future, let's cooperate together."

Jane was a person with a clear mind. She lived in a remote countryside and at that time, she didn't have TV or Internet. She could think of making money by doing this, which meant that she had brain. However, Celia didn't intend to be a cook as she planned. The way to wealth was broad, and there were many other chances.

The whole family had a happy dinner together. Celia had also told her uncle secretly that he must take good care of his body, and the most important thing was that he couldn't do any

tiful. Everyone would find you adorable."

What's more, she was a beautiful, capable and highly educated girl. No one could refuse her, and this was all done by her own efforts.

"Celia, tell me the truth. What do you think? If you didn't like him, we can't waste his time."

They were all in the same village. Even if the two of them couldn't marry in the future, they couldn't become enemies.

"I only focus on my college entrance examination, so I don't think of anything else. Besides, Hardy is limited in our small town and countryside. When he see a more beautiful girl than me in the outside world in the future, he certainly won't take a fancy to me. If Mrs. Cora ask you about it, you can tell her that I'm still young. I don't think about such matter temporarily. Don't offend them."

Horace helped her and her mother a lot in D Village, and she even had to thank him for this opportunity to study. If she refused Hardy rashly, Horace may understand, but Cora would definitely misunderstand her.

People would prefer to see the world outside instead of staying in the countryside for the rest of their lives.

Her dream was to take Wendy out to buy a house. After all, it wasn't a good place to stay for a long time.

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