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   Chapter 90 Supervisor

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With a knife in her hand, Jane pulled Zack aside and scolded, "What's wrong with you? She's your niece."

The sudden change of Zack 's mood surprised Jane. Since Celia could go to school, the whole family should be happy about it. Why did he pull a long face?

"You are just a woman! You know nothing about it!"

Celia was such a thoughtful woman that even a man like Zack felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

'How could she earn money to support her family when she go to school? It would distract her from study, ' he thought.

He then thought of the other students in the village nearby, Wade and Hardy. They were like princes in their home, and their families offered them everything they need, and they didn't have to worry about the tuition and anything at all. Compared with other children, his nephew suffered a lot.

"On this happy day, are you insane?"

Jane didn't know why Zack became like this after coming back to school with the teacher today. Before she could ask him why, she heard Wendy's crying from the living room.

"Celia, if you hadn't gone to school, I would have bumped my head into the wall and died here today!"

Wendy heaved a long sigh and her mood fluctuated.

"What are you doing here."

Zack knew that if his sister knew about it, she would certainly make a scene like this.

"Anyway, you have to go to school. It was your grandma who didn't want to go to school before. Now no one is interfering with us, we can't give up this opportunity."

Education could change the fate of a person. Even a rural woman at that time knew this principle. Therefore, even if the woman could not read or write, she would let her child to study. This was the only way for them to get rid of poverty and make some changes in their lives.

"What's going on? What happened? Who will give up the opportunity of going to school?"

How come all the family members pulled a long face at the good news?

es, which was unbelievable.

In fact, they also wanted to see if Celia had cheated or not.

The first test was Chinese and it was not difficult for Celia.

She couldn't figure out the most simple ones, but she knew the answers for the difficult part.

Tim was worried. However, he didn't say anything else since Celia had a higher score than last time.

Her Chinese exam got 74 points.

Next, Celia was going to enter math, which was one of the lessons she hated most. She had almost failed in the math last time, she must do her best this time.

In spite of this, things didn't go with her plans.

After she finished a test, Tim would grade the paper immediately. Her face was clouded over after he saw the math results.

She had passed the test last time, but she didn't make it again. But this time, she had got 56 points and didn't pass the math exams.

If she didn't go to the school to have a lesson, she might get worse in the exam. Normally, the students have to study at school, and it was not a good idea to learn at home. If she had any problem or she didn't know anything, there was no one could help her at home.

He thought that Celia was a talented student. She must attend school, so that she could make great progress and entered the college successfully!

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