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   Chapter 89 Second Choice

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6526

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"Celia, what are you talking about! You go to school. You don't need to worry about the rest. Your uncle can pay for it. It's not difficult. "

How could he not know his niece's concern as an uncle? This child was too kind, and did not want to trouble others. The more she acted like this, the more pity he felt for her. As long as she was able to go to school, he would spare no effort to support her.

Besides, it was not easy for her to have this honor. Perhaps God was pitiful for his children.

Celia knew her uncle's attitude. He was a masculine man. Since she moved out from Tang family, he had protected Celia and her mother. However, he was unable to take care of them for a lifetime.

"Uncle, I know you are nice to us. But we still have a long way to go. It will take up most of my time."

"Even if you want to study abroad for four years, I can afford it and I'm willing to do everything for you."

He will go out to the construction site for a few days. By that time, he will make a lot of money. It's no problem to support them.

"Uncle, you have your own family and you have helped us a lot. I can't rely on you all the time!"

She knew her uncle was nice. But he had Jane and he had his own life.

If it was the original owner of her body, she might have accepted it. But now she had passed through the time and came to here. Everyone had his dignity. Since she was able to live on her own, she didn't want to bring trouble to others.

At the first sight Tim saw Celia, he thought she was a tough girl. Although she was beautiful and fragile, she was tough and determined. Otherwise, she wouldn't have self-taught at home and achieved such good grades.

"Celia, but you still know that it's good for you to be surrounded by these kind of people. Your uncle has been so nice to you, and if he can give you a hand at this time, you will remember your kindness for the rest of your life. When you graduate, you can have a g

r study. Celia refused Zack for several times, and others might think that he didn't want to spend money for his niece. Things were tricky.

"How is it going? Did she really pass the exam?"

As soon as they entered the house, Jane and Wendy rushed around.

Today was a big day. The good news that the teacher came to their home made the two of them grin from ear to ear all day long.

"Yes, she got a full score in English and her gross score was much great than the other students. The teacher said she could get into the college immediately after she went to school and study hard."

He sounded angry.

"Really? My God! That's great!"


The two women were so happy that they didn't know what to say.

"It's such good news. Why didn't you come back with some meant with you today? You can enjoy two glasses of wine today, Zack."

Wendy said with tears in her eyes. She had never dreamed that her daughter would enter a college.

"I'm going to kill the chicken. Go and get your knife sharpener."

After Jane gave the order to Zack, she finally found that he looked very strange, his eyebrows tightly knitted. To be honest, he should be the happiest one. From the moment he entered the room till now, they were so happy that they didn't notice his terrible face at all.

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