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   Chapter 88 Not Immediately Enrolled

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Thanks to his niece, it was the first time for Zack to come to school in his life and he was extremely curious about everything. Thinking that his niece would have to study in such a good place in the future, he could not help smiling from ear to ear.

"Mr. Tim, what was my examination result?"

They all said that she passed the exam, but she didn't know the specific score of each course. She was also curious.

"I just want to tell you that you got 72 points in language, 21 points in math, 100 points in English, 62 points in physical science, 69 points in chemistry, 50 points in politics, 36 points in history and 28 in biology."

Tim looked through the examination paper in person, so he could clearly remember Celia's scores of every course.

476 in total, rank top 10 in the class.

If she got such high score from the college entrance examination, she could get a good college.

Furthermore, Celia was self-taught at home. So she could make more progress in school. No wonder the headmaster wanted Tim to visit Celia in person.

"Celia has a full score in English?"

Actually, he didn't know how many courses, but when he heard 100 points, he knew that Celia get a full score.

"Yes, you're right. Celia gets a good score in English, which is the best score in our school. Now you can share with your classmates how to learn English."

English was one of the weaknesses of the high school students now. Most of them had failed in English because of that. It was very difficult to improve, and it was very difficult to learn. The teachers were helpless.

"Celia, you are indeed good at English. No wonder you said that I made a mistake in the exam last time."

Hardy suddenly remembered that last time Celine visited his house, she pointed out a mistake in his examination paper.

"That was a lucky guess last time

e had even learned English and other subjects. It was the most difficult thing, and few children had been able to do that.

Tim was very moved by her.

She had suffered a lot. She shouldn't have given up a chance to change her fate.

"Sir, this is not what I mean. I would be thankful that you would give me a chance to prove myself. This is what I want to do right now. I will not be able to attend the class and sit there quietly, and I would like to study at home."

No wonder teachers could think so. Her reaction to the situation must be very odd to them.

"Do you want to go to college?"

"Of course I do!"

Celia replied without hesitation.

"Now that you want to go to college, you should take classes in school. At that time, teacher will give you some advices and help you with your study, and you will surely get into the ideal college."

Tim wished that Celia could be in his class now and help her with her study.

"Mr. Tim, thank you for your advice. I'll tell you the truth. All I need is the chance to take the college entrance examination. I have to make money in the other time so that I can't study in the classroom. But don't worry, I would work hard in my study and would not let you down!"

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