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   Chapter 86 A Decent Job

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6094

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"I trust your goods!"

Celia had been working with him for such a long time and he trusted her.

"But I am afraid that your mother will be worried about us. So John, if you still treat me as your friend, you can do the examination as you like. Don't let your mother think that I come here just to send you chickens and hundreds of eggs, and I'm taking advantage of you."

Celia's words were extremely harsh. She was a straightforward woman. If she hated someone, she couldn't pretend to like him.

"Celia, I know that my mother must have said something bad to you yesterday. I apologize to you on her behalf. I hope you won't be angry with her."

John was at a loss what to do. Celia was too calm. If she cried like other girls, or beat and scold him, he would accept. The calm expression on her face made him feel a little scared.

"John, your mother is right. We are not the same. I'm just a small self-employed business woman, while you have a decent job. According to your mother, I don't think I deserve you, but in my heart, I think that I'm your business partner and I've never thought of anything else."

Celia couldn't hold her tongue anymore. If Celia really lost her restaurant business, she was fine with it.

"Celia, don't refuse me. I have had a fight with my mother yesterday. She promised me that she would find you a decent job in this city. By that time, you wouldn't have to do such a hard work."

This was what he got from her mother while on a hunger strike.

"A decent job? John, are you ashamed of my job? If I am not so pretty, I'm afraid that you won't want to talk to me."

What's wrong with being a self-employed businesswoman? I won't steal or rob. I will solve my financial problem with my own wisdom and work.

"Miss Celia, you do know yourself well. You are a smart girl. N

n for him. What if he couldn't see Celia tomorrow? This was not what he wanted.

"Celia, are you really not coming tomorrow? You will never come here again?"

He suddenly felt like he was running out of hope.

"John, don't worry. Even if I didn't come here, the food delivered to your hotel must be the best. I'll never play any tricks in my business. Thank you for taking care of me during this period."

Celia had a distinct distinction between job and private interests, so she wouldn't punish John for what his mother had done to her.

"Celia, if you are not happy with the job recommended by my mother, you can quit."

John was at a loss and didn't know how to coax girls.

"Son, even a person with high school education would not get the job I introduce. Since she only graduated from primary school, I didn't think she had a shot."

She made a lot of efforts in order to get this job, but now Celia was not satisfied with it. She was not easy to please.

"Mom, shut up please. I beg you to stop talking."

His mother just added fuel to fire.

"Oh, that's Celia."

Led by Zack, Tim came to the back door of the restaurant. At this time, he saw Celia, the buyer and his snobbish mother.

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