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   Chapter 85 I Support Her To Go To School

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"Well, the child of a poor family was force to be an adult at such a young age."

Tim signed. However, he didn't expect that Celia's situation was so difficult. It was rare and precious. Instead of being destroyed by life, she fought her way out. He believed that such a person would be promising in the future.

"I couldn't agree with you more. There are few girls who can be as tough as Celia. She is an ambitious and positive woman."

Horace couldn't help but praise her.

"In this case, we can't waste her talent. We must find her immediately and take her to class. As long as she continues to learn, there will be more opportunities."

Then Hardy brought the teacher to Zack's. They couldn't wait to see Celia.

"It seems that Celine is a smart girl. Even Hardy has to learn from her. Does it mean that Hardy was less smart then Celia?"

After the teacher left, Cora was very confused.

"You know nothing about it. Celia is smart. Didn't you hear that she almost got a full score in English test. Don't you remember that every time your son failed in his exams just because of English. If he does well in English, he will definitely be able to enter a good college next year."

Horace didn't think too much. As the saying goes, we all have to learn from others sometimes. Celia was able to get the teachers to visit her home only through self-cultivation. It meant that Celia had a bright future.

"Is that true? Then I must be nicer to Celia. She not only helps Hardy on his study, but also becomes my daughter-in-law in the future."

Cora grinned from ear to ear. In the past, she had thought that Celia's family had a bad reputation. Now, Celia was able to go to school, and it made a world of difference. If Celia could be with her son, she would be happy.

"Hush, keep your voice do

if my niece can go to a first-rate college, I will definitely invite you to dinner."

It was good news for them.

"Okay, okay. Don't worry about it. We will talk about it next year. I'm looking forward to it."

Tim could not wait to meet Celia. He wanted Celia to sit and study in the classroom as soon as possible.

On the other side, Celia came to deliver the goods as usual, and she could make money from it. Besides, Celia was forthright and frank, not afraid of being bullied by anyone.

But John's face pale from the hunger strike. He had been worrying about Celia. He was afraid that she would never want to see him again because of what his mother said, or she might ask her uncle to deliver the goods to him. The thought that he would be unable to see her made his mind dreary.

It was not until he saw the familiar face that he felt much relieved.

"Celia, you, you are here..."

"I come here at this time every day. It's not weird at all."

Although she was a small business woman, she still had principles, and no matter what happened, she should be professional in business.

"Here are the goods of today. Please check it."

Celia wasn't affected at all by John's mother.

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