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   Chapter 84 Home Visit

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Celia didn't answer most of the simple questions in the paper, especially the recitation and political materials. As long as she worked hard on it, he could make sure that the student's scores could be increased by at least 50 grades. She was promising.

She was such a genius, so of course he wanted her to go to school and study.

"Principal, now we..."

"Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and inform the students and their parents in person. Don't let other schools steal such a good student from us."

The headmaster said excitedly. Celia was a self-taught genius. As long as she could go to school, she would have a bright future.

"I go there myself?"

Tim pointed at his nose. As the teacher in charge of a class, he had a lot of things to do every day. How could he visit them in person?

What a great honor for Celia.

"Of course you will go there by yourself. Do you want me to go there in person? I have given you such a good student in your class. You should thank me. If you don't want it, other teachers will surely want her."

After hearing what the headmaster said, Tim immediately said, "I'm going to find Hardy. He brought her here. He must know where she lives."

Hardy, who was having a class, was taken outside the room. He had been informed that Tim was going to visit her parents. So he had more or less guessed that Celia had passed the exam. However, he was surprised that the teacher would go to her home in person.

"Celia really learned the textbook all by herself?"

On the way, Tim had asked many questions to Hardy. Most of them were about how Celia learned at home. Actually, Hardy didn't know clearly how she taught herself. He only knew that Celia once said that there was a mistake in his English test last time, and it turned out that she was right. He was surprised, since Cel

en admitted to your school and can be your student?"

Horace was also very excited. Celia hadn't touched the book for many years. If she could go to such nice school in the county, she would surely have a promising future.

"Yeah, the main purpose of our visit today is to invite Celia to attend our school, and to prepare for the college entrance examination next year."

Said Tim.

"That's great! Her mother and uncle will be very happy if they know the result."

Horace was glad to see that Celia got what she wanted. All his efforts had paid off.

"So you mean she doesn't have a father?"

As a teacher, he had to know more about the students' family conditions. If Celia really came from a poor family, the school would also provide some help as much as they could.

"What a poor girl! She had no father since she was born, and her grandmother didn't like her, so she drove Celia and her daughter out. Fortunately, she was tough and can support her family at a young age. Now she has to support herself by doing some small business. It's difficult for her."

In such a bad environment, Celia could also make a living by herself. She had learned many things by herself, which made many people admire her.

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