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   Chapter 83 He Didn't Cheat

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6464

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When John was going on a hunger strike at home, Celia had no idea about it at all. Several days had passed. She was actually a little worried about her own test scores. She hadn't heard any news from Hardy.

She wondered if a college student like her in the 21st century would fail the exam in the 80's.

It was so embarrassed!

She was a CEO. How could she be so stupid?

The atmosphere of in the school was very intense, and the teachers were also very busy. Especially, on the day Celia handed all the examination paper to Linda, she saw clearly that there were several papers were all blank.

She didn't have any expectation on the result of exam. She would be astonished if Celia could get into the college with such a poor attitude. So Linda didn't take the exam serious.

So she took a key and locked the examination paper into the drawer. Then she went to do other things and totally forgot about it.

This was something that Hardy had always been thinking about. He had almost rushed into teacher's office several times to check Celia's scores, but he stopped all of a sudden, since he thought that none of the teachers would know about Celia. Never mind. He wanted to ask Linda some days later.

After all, since the restoration of the college entrance examination, there were more and more students who wanted to study, and it was said that knowledge could change one's fate. Who didn't want to go to university and change their lives ever since? At that time, there was no entertainment activity or mobile phone. Therefore, the students only had to study, day and night.

The college entrance examination was still cruel, and most of the students found English hard to learn. Only a few people were able to get into a good college. As for the others, no matter how hard they tried, it was useless. Therefore, as long as they had good students, the school leader and teacher would surely try their best to trai

cause there was a decrease in enrollment rate last year.

"Do you also think that she is a promising student and could win glory for our school?"

Tim could not help thinking of the rumor at that time. It was said that Celia was a distant relative of the principle.

"Of course, but this student lives in the same village as Hardy in your class. It was said that she was poor from a very young age, and she only went to primary school and she didn't even finish the junior high school. When someone came to me and asked me to help this poor girl, I couldn't refuse him, so I came up with this method. I didn't expect that this girl is really smart."

The headmaster didn't expect that it would work. He would accept any capable kinds in the school.

"Primary school? But she could solve the question of the high school. How... How could she do that?"

Tim was shocked again. If Celia, like other normal students, entered the middle school and the high school step by step, she would be genius.

"She even said she leaned it all by herself!"


"Yes, that's why there are so many questions left unanswered."

The only thing that Tim had thought of after looking through the examination paper was that Celia was good at English, but her math was in a mess.

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