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   Chapter 81 Not Interested In Your Son

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 5475

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"This is Celia Tang, my suppliers. I've mentioned her to you."

His mother always wanted him to marry a girl with education background or came from a family of equal status. She didn't want the rural girl to be his daughter-in-law.

"Are you a suppliers or something else, it's hard to say. Don't you fear that it'll ruin your reputation by touching each other in broad daylight?"

Rita Chen, John's mother, knew that her son was definitely attracted by a good-looking girl. She didn't expect that Celia was so beautiful, but what was the point of her good-looking appearance? She was born in a poor family and she couldn't help her son's career, she might become a encumbrance to their family. Such a daughter-in-law could not be accepted in the Lin family.

"Mom, what are you talking about? Lower your voice. Don't make a fool of yourself."

As Rita intentionally raised her voice, the people in the kitchen all came out, stood aside and watched the fun. They had noticed that John had a crush on Celia. However, he had such a stubborn mother, so they sympathized with Celia. It was likely that Celia would suffer a lot even if she married John.

"What? I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I feel ashamed?"

Rita Chen held her head high.

"Mom, please behave yourself. You are the director of your office."

John could do nothing to him with his mother. His mother told him to obey whatever she said, and he dared not to do anything. For him, everything was controlled by his mother.

This kind of man was exactly the so-called Mama's boy in the 21st century.

"Your mother is fine. I don't need you to teach me!"

erest in my son? He's already been so obvious."

Rita wanted to get to the bottom of it.

"No, not at all. I also know that I am not a match for your family, so I have never had such an idea. There was nothing going on between us. The last meal was paid by Lily. Except this, we had never met in private. If you don't believe it, you can investigate it by yourself. I'm not interested in your son."

She wouldn't marry John since her mom was so mean.

"What? You are not interested in my son? Do you think my son is not good enough for you?"

Rita got more furious. She was just a country girl. How could she look down upon her baby son? What a shameless girl.

"I didn't say that. I'm doing business, and I don't think of anything else. You always think that I'm taking advantage of your son. In fact, I earn money by myself, we are just business partners. Moreover, he's just a buyer in the restaurant, how powerful do you think he is?"

Rita thought that her son was outstanding, but it had nothing to do with her. She did not rely on others, nor did she ask them for money.

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