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   Chapter 80 His Mom Got In The Way

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 5888

Updated: 2020-03-21 00:12

Celia had just put away the new clothes and shoes. Then she put on the old clothes and shoes, which more suit her status. If she wore the new clothes and new shoes and deliberately dressed up gorgeously, people would think that she was a slut and tried to seduce other men.

"Celia, why don't you wear new clothes? You look pretty. Several girls in the village even asked me where did I buy them for you."

Wendy looked at her daughter with satisfaction. She was poorly-fed since she was a child, so she was always very thin. Unlike others who were boney and flat, she was in good shape. The girls in the village all imitate her in dressing style.

"I love this dress. I'll wear it in the future. Besides, I will have to deliver the chickens, so the new clothes would smell."

Celia didn't mind her new dress at all. She thought that her old clothes suited her well.

"Okay, okay. You are really different from other girls. They would rather wear the new clothes everyday than saving it in the closet."

Although the rural areas were generally very poor, and some families couldn't even afford food and clothing, no one was as miserable as her own daughter. She didn't have a little father's love when she was young, not to mention the warmth of the family. Now she was still young, but she had to take the responsibility of supporting the family.

This was also the reason why Wendy never thought of remarrying. Living with her daughter was much better than living with another stranger.

The next day.

Celia came to the restaurant. She did not show a twinge of anger on her face. Instead, she looked calm with a charming smile on her face.

She wanted to see John's reaction first. She had to play by the ear, otherwise, a rash decision would

tter be careful."

She didn't want any rumors again. Not to mention that she didn't like John. Even if she really liked him, she wouldn't marry such Mama's boy and her mother was such a fierce woman.

"Celia, it won't be long. Can you go to see a movie with me? It's not easy for me to get those movie tickets."

Celia kept refusing. On the one hand, John was afraid that Celia would leave, so he grabbed her arm. At that moment, a woman rushed out from the kitchen.

"John, what are you doing?"

A woman stood in front of them with her arms crossed before her chest. Her hair was stylish in the 80's, and she looked tough. Celia had seen the world and was not a bumpkin. She just looked at his mother calmly. She wanted to see what the woman could do to her.

"Mom, why are you here again?"

John's tone showed a hint of impatience. He was afraid that something bad would happen and that his mother would come to destroy it.

"This is where my son works. Can I come here to see you? Who is this girl? Why haven't I seen her before?"

The woman stood beside Celia and circled around her. She looked at Celia up and down carefully, her tone full of disdain.

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