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   Chapter 79 Burn The Bridge

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6247

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"That woman looks aggressive."

These women in the city were really stuck-up. Even if they were rich, it was none of his business. Why didn't they show respect to people.

Besides, he thought his niece was beautiful and capable. He didn't think a buyer in the restaurant like her son could match up to her if she went to college in the future.

"Sue was also very fierce and difficult to deal with, but I won in the end. This is a war between women. Uncle, don't get involved. It's not time for you to show up. When I need you, I will turn to you for help."

What's the matter with the city people?

"Well, I'll wait for your good news tomorrow. I believe in you."

He thought that he was really impulsive this time. He shouldn't have quarreled with that shrewish woman yesterday. Now he thought that Celia was more stable than he was. As a man, he should not waste time on talking to that damn woman. If it was his turn to fight, he would definitely raise his fist.

"What are you two secretly chatting about? Something is wrong?"

Zack didn't tell Jane about this. If his wife knew about this, she would murmur and act restlessly at home, but couldn't do anything to help. So it was better for him to keep the secrets for himself. Fortunately, his niece was a patient and cool.

"So only you can talk about your private affairs with my niece and don't allow me to have a little secret with her? "

Zack said casually.

"Uncle, you are really good at this, aren't you?"

Celia said flattered.

"It's just that we didn't have a chance to go to school back then, or I am definitely a top student."

Everybody wanted to be a top university student in the 80's. Now he was not only a farmer who had a stain in his life. Wherever he went, he would be looked down upon by others.

"Uncle, although luck was not on our side, we can find many opportun

ally confused.

All of a sudden, she remembered what Jane told her today. Jane told her that Hardy had a crush on her.

Now that Jane said these words secretly, it meant that Hardy's family didn't want others to know this matter. Celine was a bit confused. She didn't hang out with Hardy a lot, but why did he fall in love with her? It was Cora who had told her aunt about this. It couldn't be wrong.

'Hardy's family helped me a lot, but this is not enough for me to give myself to Hardy. But I'm deeply indebted to them.

But how to refuse?' Celia thought in mind. She was every cautious of her relationship with other people. It must be because of her beauty. Celia looked at the reflection of the mirror and saw her arched eyebrows, cherry red lips, white teeth. She indeed had an exceedingly beautiful face. Celia sighed again. No wonder everyone was enchanted by her.

She was low-key enough. If she didn't, nobody knew what kind of trouble she would get involved.

But how should she refuse Hardy? This was indeed a headache for her. If she didn't refuse him in a nice and gentle way, it made her look like a ungrateful woman. They were different from Tang family. She didn't want to spoil her relationship with them.


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