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   Chapter 78 Suffering From Injustice

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 5925

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"Are you three together to against me?"

Seeing that the three of them were on the same side, she felt that she was a bit of outnumbered. However, she was very stubborn. Since she had decided from the beginning, she naturally wouldn't easily listen to others.

She had other people's body, but her mental age was above thirty or even older. She was an adult. Why couldn't she make her own choice?

"I'm for your own good!"

Jane could see that Celia was more ambitious than them. So Jane thought that no matter what Celia did, she would make a difference in the future. She was so bold and courageous that nobody could compare with her. In ancient times, there was a female hero, Mulan. Just now, she felt that her niece was the modern version of Mulan, strong and powerful.

"Well, let's stop talking about it. Anyway, it is still uncertain now. We'd better not talk about it too early. If the neighbors hear it, they will laugh at us if I didn't pass the test."

The Internet was not developed at that time, but the rumors would spread wildly like fire. People liked to gossip, it was part of their nature.

"We'll talk about the school matter later. Don't give Celia too much pressure. You two go to cook. I have something to talk with Celia."

From the time Zack showed up at the school gate to the time when he went home, he didn't show any smile on his face. Celia had found something strange. She just didn't know why her uncle would be like this. Was there something wrong when he came to deliver the goods today?

"Uncle, what is it? Why can't they listen to it?"

Seeing his darkened face, her heart beat fast. She didn't know what had happened, and she didn't know why he was unhappy.

"Celia, don't go to the restaurant tomorrow."

Celia thou

there is nothing happened between us."

She had feelings for John? His mother was ridiculous. Her family was not a rich family or had any political backgrounds. Her son was just a buyer, why did his mother look down on her? Celia was speechless.

"Really? Why did that shrewish woman said her son spend so much money on inviting you to dinner?"

Zack was in rage.

"Nonsense. What's her problem? His cousin invited me to dinner and John insisted on following us. And his cousin paid the bill. I can find the waiter."

She was so angry that her eyes were burning with hatred. How could she take advantage of her son? It was hilarious. She had had numerous delicious food in her previous life, how could she marry her son for just two dishes?

"I trust you. But it doesn't matter if we don't do such business. You can't go tomorrow."

Zack's tone sounded more like an order. If Celia went there, things would turn ugly.

"No, I have to go tomorrow. If I don't go, it will seem like there was indeed something going on between me and John. I must go!"

She wouldn't let a stranger ruin her own reputation.

What's more, John should also assume the responsibility.

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