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   Chapter 74 I Wish You Could Pass The Exam

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6345

Updated: 2020-03-19 00:12

After dinner, Celia expressed her gratitude to Horace and then went back. She had to go back and prepared for the exam. Since she was going to take an exam tomorrow, there was no time for her to deliver the goods. Fortunately, Wendy was skilled in the business, and there were still some eggs and chickens in the house, so she had to ask Zack to help her deliver the goods.

Celia told what happened to her uncle and aunt. Both of them were very happy to hear that, and they both supported her to take the exam. Celia had brought Zack deliver goods last time, so he must have remembered it very clearly, and she was sure that everything would be find since John was in the restaurant.

"Celia, I support you. You must prepare well for the exam. Don't worry about the business. We will always be there for you."

Jane supported Celia to go to school. Although she was also anxious and she didn't know what to do.

"Thank you, aunt and uncle."

After telling her uncle about this, Celia walked straight back home, because she wanted to leave the motorcycle to her uncle tomorrow morning. In this way, it would be more convenient for him to deliver the goods.

"Do you think Celia would make it? Can she go to school?"

Although Jane kept cheering for Celia, she was agitated. She thought that going to school was not an easy thing since there were many people who couldn't pass the exams.

"Don't worry about us. It's okay for her to give it a shot. Do you want her to sell eggs for the rest of her life? I think she has a brain. She might be a good student. In a word, we need to take care of her business in the following two days to avoid her from getting distractions."

He didn't know who would happen either.

When Celia came back home, the bathing water was prepared by Wendy. She urged Celia to take a shower and go to bed as soon as possible. Only in this way, she would be ene

iding behind his back. He kept every word Celia had said in his mind. He ran so fast all the way just because he was worried that she would stand alone on the roadside. Celia's beauty was too striking. He was afraid that people would discover her and steal her away from him.

"Haha... Did you really buy me some deep fried dough stick? I was just kidding. I'm not that superstitious. Besides, if I ate one fried stick and two eggs, I would be able to get one hundred points. I might have made a fortune a long time ago by selling eggs."

Celia said with a smile. In fact, she didn't care about that.

"I thought you cared about this, but..."

Celia's sudden smile made him confused. And he was enchanted by her smile.

"The deep fried dough sticks seem to be very delicious. Since you have bought them, I will enjoy it. Thank you, Hardy."

Celia took the fried bread stick from his hand and took a big bite without hesitation.

"Good! You get great scores. Celia, you'll make it!"

He thought they could go to the same high school and go home together after school. They might have the chance to go to college together in the future. Just thinking about this made him feel excited. He was motivated. Next year, he was sure to get to a good college.

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