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   Chapter 71 Dinner Out

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6248

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Hardy didn't tell Celia that his father wanted to help her. He just worried that if things didn't go well, Celia might end up being disappointed.

Celia brought eggs and chicken to the restaurant these days. She also could earn a lot of money if she went there. By the way, she had also reached an agreement with the other two breakfast shop owners about the soybeans.

"How about I treat you to a meal today, Miss Celia?"

John had invited Celia countless times, but she refused.

"Thanks, John. I have something to deal after I went back home."

'It's embarrassing to stay with a man alone. If other villagers saw this, my reputation would be ruined, ' she thought.

"Just let me buy you a meal. It won't take long."

John was getting more and more courageous. He was bolder because Zack 0 did not follow her this time.

"John, maybe some other time. My uncle is waiting for me at home."

'Now that I mentioned my uncle, he wouldn't insist, ' she thought.

"Your uncle is coming today?"

He was frightened into a cold sweat.

"John, why are you so coward? Is Miss Celia's uncle a monster? Why are you so afraid of him?"

Lily appeared in the kitchen out of nowhere and ridiculed.

"Miss Celia, thank you so much for the dress you gave me last time. I love it so much!"

Celia was a great girl. After meeting with her for a few times, Lily found that she was really nice. Celia gave the dress to her. Lily always wanted to thank her, but she didn't have a chance to meet Celia.

"The gift was no expensive. I'm glad that you like it."

The fabric was not bad and she had no money to buy a better one, but it was nice and was in style, so she was sure that girls would definitely like it.

"How about we get out and grab a bite? You can't say no."

Lilian held Celia's hand enthusiastically.

"No, thank you. It is just a dress, and y

hy do you have to listen to her uncle? You are so stupid."

Lily cast a glance at John in disdain.

"Umm, speaking of which, John, my uncle was rude to you that day, but he didn't mean it. You should call my name. It is not a big deal."

Her uncle was so angry that day because Sharon bad-mouths John. She was grateful that John didn't blame her.

"Can I really call you Celia?"

It seemed that calling her name was a further development in their relationship.

"Of course you can. You can call my name."

They didn't live in the feudal society. Would they get into trouble by just calling each other's name?

"Good. I'll call you Celia from now on. If I meet your uncle, I'll call you miss."

"Okay, whatever."

Celia didn't care about it at all.

"John, look at yourself in a mirror. You are drooling. It's the first time that I have seen you like this. Do you think that your mother could allow you to be with Celia?"

John's mother? She was not a woman to be trifled with.

"Why did you mention my mother? Don't frighten Celia."

John rolled his eyes at her.

"Lily, what happened? What is wrong with John's mother?"

Celia said deliberately.

"Of course. You don't know that my aunt is an incredible woman."

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