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   Chapter 69 I Won't Accept Her

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6403

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Wendy had gotten more and more familiar with the egg and chicken business, and their soybean business was getting better and better, so they almost didn't have to run around to buy goods from the neighborhood. The villagers would take their eggs and chicken to her house. In just half a month's time, a large group of chicken were kept in her courtyard of firewood room. If the restaurant needed the chickens, she would deliver it to them. And the rest of the chickens would lay eggs. So no matter what, Celia was the one who took the advantage in the business. However, she was somewhat getting tired of the chicken business. Celia had accumulated a lot of money recently. She thought it was time for her to start something new.

"Celia, our family's business is getting better and better recently. I thought our little store would be closed down, but now it seems like it's doing great now."

Celia had already got her reputation. She brought back the basic living goods with her motorcycle from the town. The villagers were all willing to buy things here. Even if the goods were a little expensive, they didn't have to take a long walk to somewhere else. Besides, they could get matchsticks for free if they brought good in Celia's store.

"Mom, are you bored?"

She still remembered that Wendy had told her that she would make some baskets to sell some days ago.

"No, I'm not. I'm so busy now."

Wendy's face glowed with health and she even gained some fat on her cheeks. She was very busy everyday. She had to feed the chicken, collect eggs and soybeans.

"It's good to know that you live a full life. Are you tired then?"

It was not an easy thing to deal with so many trifles.

"I'm not tired at all. It's much easier than working in the field. Besides, I can earn some real money everyday. Celia, if possible, I want to learn the motorcycle."

Said Wendy.

"Mom, do you want to learn motorc

ardy was a nice guy.

"You are welcome. By the way, I have talked to our teacher about you. But..."

Hardy didn't know how to say it. He was afraid that it would hurt her feelings.

"Hardy, tell me. I'm fine. I'm ready."

Since she had never been to a formal middle school or high school, the school should not be willing to accept her.

"Well, our teacher said they can't accepted you and they had enough students."

Many of his classmates had been in the primary school, middle school and entered the high school. But there were still many students failed to pass the college entrance exam. So it was reasonable that they didn't believe Celia who had never been in the school would have a shot in college.


Celia was not sad at all. It seemed that she had foreseen the result.

"Celia, don't you feel bad?"

Celia's reaction surprised Hard.

"Sad? Of course I'm sad? But it can't solve any problem."

If being sad can solve the problem, she would have cried her heat out. She used to be a university student, but now she had to take part in the college entrance examination again. What the hell was going on.

"Well, you are right. How about I visit our teacher tomorrow and ask her to meet you?"

Hardy didn't want to see Celia so sad. .

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