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   Chapter 68 Go To School As Soon As Possible

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6260

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"Where am I?"

Zack had said that he would go home, but Celia insisted that she would take him to a mysterious place.

"It's a school. Uncle, it's the best school in our county. Wash do you think?"

Celia took Zack to the school in the county.

"Wow, how magnificent! The school is great!"

Hearing that, Zack took a look at the building in front of him. Despite that he was too old for school, he was still eager to learn there.

"There are better ones you haven't seen."

If he had seen her high school and college buildings in her previous life, he would have been shocked to death.

"Girl, you said as if you have seen them before."

In Zack's mind, the farthest place Celia could go out was the county. How could she ever seen a better school than this.

"Of course I haven't seen them before, but I had dreamed of them."

She almost let it slip. Fortunately, she was smart enough.

"I'm afraid that I would never have such a chance to go to school again. However, Celia, I think you can make it."

Hearing Celine's words, Zack took a look at his niece. He had a poor memory, but Celia was at a very young age, and she was getting smarter. If she had gone to school to attend the college entrance examination, she would have entered the college. Furthermore, if she didn't have such an idea, she wouldn't have brought him here.

"Uncle, it need to study very hard in school and you would not succeed overnight."

Celia sighed. Although she was good at English, leaning the other courses like history and math needed keen brain. It had been more than twenty years since she was in the college. Furthermore, the test in the 80's was different from that of in 21st century. She had to sell eggs to make a business, so she couldn't concentrate on it.

"Celia, I find that you're not the same girl any more as before. If you want to go to school,

ncle, I know you are nice to my mother and me, but I can't count on you for everything. I can make money on my own. I can make money while learning at school at that time."

Celia had it all planned out.

"School is a place where you could learn something. How could you even have time to make money? Don't talk big. There are rules in the school."

Why did she always worry about the money? He can afford her tuition.

"I don't care. I will persuade the headmaster."

"Nonsense! Do you think the school is yours? How could the principal agree to such a ridiculous request?"

Zack didn't know what to say.

"If he doesn't, we'll see. Anyway, I'll figure it out. Uncle, don't worry about me. Otherwise, I will change my mind."

She knew her uncle was just concerned about her. But it was said that haste makes waste.

"Okay, okay. I won't say that. But this is the most important thing. You must take it to heart."

Zack warned.

"Okay, I know. It's my own business and I should pay more attention to it!"

Celia said.

"I hope so. If you don't study hard, neither me or your mother would not allow you to do business anymore."

Education could change one's destiny, and it was a great thing to go to college in the 80's.

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