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   Chapter 63 Dignity

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 5935

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Only pain could make people learn their lessons. That was what happened to Lucy.

Celia had revenged herself. She didn't show any mercy to Lucy. She had bullied them many times since they were in the Tang family.

"Lucy, you'd better give me the money as soon as possible and leave. If you keep staying here and playing tricks on me, I can talk to Wade for a few minutes before you are arrested by the police. And he will me who is right."

Wade was the weakness of Sue and Lucy. They cared about him the most, and the whole family was waiting for him to change his fate in college and guide them to live a good life.

"How dare you!"

Lucy covered her aching cheeks and roared.

"You'll see!"

Celia looked straight into Lucy's eyes. She was scared but pretended to be calm.

"You bastard! You just want to blackmail me! This is the money!"

The fifty dollars in her hand fell on the ground. She had saved it a long time ago. Today, she was so furious that she had to give it to Celia.

"Lucy, you didn't take the money from Sue, right? I guess this is all your money. If she knows that you have secretly saved so much money, do you think she will scold you when you go back?"

She was just a willful shrew. If Celia really wanted to torture her, she could have many ways.


Her biggest concern now was Wade, then was Sue. Sue was the one in charge of the Tang family, and Lucy couldn't afford to displease her.

"So I advise you to behave yourself. You'd better pick up the money and hand it to my mother, and then apologize to her. Otherwise, I will not only let Wade know what happened today, but also let Sue know about your little secret money. If you are disdained by your son and Sue, can you still live in Tang family? You are not you


"Thank you for your praise, Mr. Horace. I'm just trying to protect myself. If I don't do something cruel, I'm afraid we can't stay here anymore."

Celia put on a pitiful look. She was just a little girl. She would show weakness whenever necessary.

"Dad, I think the Tang family is going too far. You should come here more often in the future. If Lucy bullys them again, I think as the village head, you should teach her lesson."

It was the first time that Hardy had seen such a scene, but he wasn't scared by Celia's violent attacks at all. He thought that people should fight back for self-defense.

"Hardy, I thought you didn't care about my job."

His son was very strange today. He not only asked him to come here to help Celia, but also asked him to show up in her house more frequently. It was not the way he dealt with things.

"You are my father. Of course I care about you. And you are the head of the village. If you don't do well in the village, I am afraid that people will say bad things about you."

Henry was afraid that Horace could see through his mind, so he pretended to be calm.

"You only have to study hard. I will take care of my job."

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