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   Chapter 62 To Be Your Daughter In Law

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"It's really 10 dollars for a chicken."

Hardy said as he took out the money Celia gave him.

"Really? I'll go home to get one for you."

"Me too, Celia."

"And me, and me..."

The villagers who wanted to sell the chicken all went back to fetch it.

"Hardy, thank you so much!"

If it weren't for him, Horace wouldn't have known that such a terrible thing happened to her family.

"You're welcome. It's what I should do."

Hardy scratched his head and felt a little embarrassed.

"Hardy, could you please do me a favor?"

Celia said to Hardy. Hardy was the most highly educated person in the whole D Village. It seemed that he was the only one who could help Celia.

"Just tell me. I will try my best to help you."

Hardy found her more attractive than before.

"May I borrow your senior high school textbooks?"

She was a clever girl. If she had made up her mind to study, it wouldn't be that hard for her. At least she was good at English.

"Do you want to borrow the book?"

Hardy had thought that Celia would definitely do business for the rest of her life. He didn't expect that Celia would want books.

"Celia, do you want to go to school?"

Wendy never heard that her daughter wanted to go to school. Celia even didn't mention a word about it, so she thought that her daughter did not have such an idea.

"No, I just want to borrow a book from Hardy. It is said that there are a lot of things to learn in the book, and I just want to have a look."

Even if she really wanted to study, she had to make a well preparation.

"Have a look? If you really want to study, I'm willing to do anything to let you go to school."

In the past when she was

u talking about? Hardy is focusing on his study now. Why do you say something like that? Are you going to destroy your niece?"

Horace was furious. Why did she mention his son? This cunning woman really deserved some punishments.

"Yeah. We are from the same village. Do you want to spread those rumors to destroy Celia's reputation?"

Hardy also spoke for Celia. On top of that, there was nothing between him and Celia. He just had a crush on Celia. How could that shrewish woman tarnish Celia's reputation.

"Hardy, Do you think I don't know that you are attracted by her beauty?"

Lucy was unwilling to give 50 dollars to Celia. No matter what, she had to ruin Celia's reputation and took revenge for the insult.


Celia was different from the others. She didn't have any comment on Lucy's behavior. She just slapped on Lucy's face ruthlessly. She now realized that it was better to slap her on the face than reasoning with such shameless woman.

"How dare you!"

But before Lucy could find something to fight back, Celia quickly slapped the branch towards her hand.

"Lucy, you asked for it!"

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